My Interest in Medicine Essay

Paper Type:  Admission essay
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  501 Words
Date:  2022-03-29

From an early age, I have had a very philanthropic approach to life and have always been fascinated by science. This is one of the major reasons I developed a strong interest in studying medicine. I enthusiastically anticipate the opportunity to combine my caring personality with the subject's practical aspects to help me make a major impact on the lives of people. Due to my love of science, I undertook an undergraduate course in Microbiology to further my insight into the medical field through modules such as Cell Biology, Medical Terminology, Genetics, and Chemistry. I also studied Maths which enhanced my critical thinking and deduction skills that involve following a logical process to infer results. A bachelor's degree in Microbiology has also equipped me with other key skills such as analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities all which are valuable for any medical occupation.

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Working in a hospital setting in the company of doctors has also contributed to my strong interest in pursuing a career in medicine. I have served as a medical receptionist and medical aide, positions that have offered me the opportunity to interact with doctors at a personal level, making me more determined to be a doctor. The interaction has also given me first-hand experience on how diverse a doctor's job can be in addition to performing surgery and prescribing drugs. I have learned that the job also requires special skills such as compassion, patience, and empathy which I have demonstrated throughout my work experience. For instance, in my current position, one of my duties include comforting patients and families. The job has also given me the chance to directly interact with patients as I comfort them, facilitate their moves as well as dismissing them which has been vital to enhancing my confidence, communication, and interpersonal skills which are invaluable to a successful medical student. My participation in traveling the military has enhanced my ability to work as part of a team through active involvement in activity organization while giving me insights into other people's hardships and the satisfaction that comes with making a positive change to someone's life. Also, seeing the global health has provided me with the opportunity to learn about different world cultures which has broadened my experience and prepared me for the natural diversity of a doctor's clients. Moreover, working in a hospital setting has also equipped me with key medical skills such as collecting and processing blood specimens, running tests of unknown samples, centrifuge operation and pipetting as well as Nuclei Acid (DNA, RNA) extractions and purification. I believe that these skills will be of much help to me when pursuing a career in medicine.

I am aware that the journey of becoming a doctor is both challenging and demanding, I believe I have the enthusiasm, endurance, determination, commitment and motivation to succeed in this rewarding and fascinating career. As demonstrated through my academic and work experience, I possess the necessary skills that make me more than capable of pursuing a career in medicine.

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