Self-Reflection Report: Academic Interest in Journalism

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Date:  2022-05-17

My main interest why I wanted to join campus, and get good grades that will make me a better journalist. This a dream I had ever since I was a kid. To be a competitive journalist, I knew I had to master the knowledge within this four years. This course has helped me in developing all the set of skills I need for my personal success; I can now analyze my behaviors and realize where I need to upgrade, change or leave. During this semester I was able to recognize my weakness and strengths points. I worked on them to ensure I keep improving every day to being successful in my career. My results were evident in my results since results contribute to my GPA and will, therefore, determine my competency in the job market considering many journalists are out there struggling for top jobs. As an aspiring journalist, I have taken these skills seriously because I have seen so much power in their contribution to my success on campus and life. The drastic change in my grades and personal grooming skills have given me more motivation to keep on practicing everything that I have learned in this class because I need to be more better than I am today.

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This course acted as a manual to help me understand the dynamics of higher learning as well as what is expected of me to do now that will directly contribute to my future success. I used the knowledge from this class to break down my goals to daily tasks that I have to do for me to be a better journalist. My worst fear was failing; I wanted to make sure that I am above a B in every unit that I am doing this semester. To achieve this goal I had to fight over some of my daily weaknesses like bad time management, socializing, improving my social skills and managing my finances.

During this semester, I used the knowledge from this class to do a self-reflection analysis of myself and realized that they are several skills that were so important in my personal growth in class as well as socially. These are essential skills that every media houses look for in journalists.

Time management involves both behavioral and cognitive processes (Downing 108). The trick I learned about time management is prioritizing. After I learned the aspect of categorizing my tasks, I now manage most of my workload stress-free. The other important thing that boosted my discipline in time management is writing a to-do list. Having a to-do list kept me on track and on time in accomplishing my tasks. Therefore, planning my time well and having a strict follow up on my to-do list is a crucial thing in my campus life and if I fail, I will have also failed in my lifetime dream.

The art of budgeting is a technique that every individual will have to use for the most of his lifetime. I categorized my spending habits into two; necessary and luxuries spendings. The concept of accounting for every cash coming in and going out, all paid bills, all savings and debts helped me have control over my money, kept me focused on my financial goals, avoid unnecessary spendings and save me from bad debts. More debts ruin our image and progress.

Sometimes I felt so hopeless, and I felt like giving up, when things turned tough on me I could not have the energy to bounce back and face my problems. Stress reduces our output, and it also interferes with our concentration we become unable to focus on our responsibilities (Downing 225). Through the knowledge of self-awareness skills, I can now motivate myself up in stressed moments by doing things like taking breaks, taking walks or doing my hobbies.

For me to be a competent journalist, I need both academic knowledge and good social skills. I believe there is still room for me to improve more on all of these skills to make sure my CV will standout on every manager's desk. Success is not an event but a process that involves passion, determination, and consistency till we get to perfection on the things we do daily.

Works cited

Downing, S. On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life. Cengage Learning,8th ed. 2016.

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