Reflect on the Interests, Experiences, and Pursuits

Date:  2021-03-02 18:15:12
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I see myself as a technology entrepreneur, since the age of 13 I have coded websites, video games and apps for self-entertainment, but I realized that I could use the knowledge and skills to help others. I started a non-profit business to help people in my community who needed help with technology issues at home. I also built and ran a website for my high school business class. I knew that I required to do something with technology when I moved to the United States. In fact, my interest in technology started as curiosity and obsession, but as a teenager, my interest developed into a passion and a lifestyle that defines who I am today.

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At the age six, this was the first time I ever saw a computer and curiosity led me to open it. I was only using the computer to browse the web and play video games online in the beginning; however that changed when I moved to a new home in Massachusetts. I was given a book on How to Code in HTML for Dummies by my neighbor and after reading it, it increased my interest, even more, thus beginning my quest for coding. Even though in the beginning I had a hard time reading in English I was able to teach myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript the three top languages for building a robust website and later on I taught myself how to code in PHP, C#, Java, MYSQL and other related languages.

During the summer before I become a freshman I created a website called Predator Games, (, I initially built this site to show and play video games that I made with my friends online. The site became more meaningful during my freshman year. I took a business class called YTE in my freshman year, learning about how websites improves sales. I volunteered to create a website for the class and realize that I could use the skill of programming and web designed to help people in the community. Later on, in the semester, we decided to start a nonprofit company with my classmates. We helped fix computers and electronics devices. Starting and maintaining this site taught me how to be a leader. I also got to learn communication and business skill. Our idea expanded to a technology repair shop, where we fixed computers, phones and printers from students, teachers, and the community.

I have worked and fixed many electronics device, but the one that stood out for me was a computer given to us by an old lady. The computer turned off randomly when she was using it. The woman valued her computer since it had valuable photographs of her son who had gone to the army. I did not realize how much trust people put into you when you're fixing things, the emotion and personal connections the owner has with the objects. After checking the computer, I realized that the power supply could have been the cause of the problem. I had to use all the knowledge I had learned and my passion towards the computer acted as a catalyst in giving me the confidence. I took out the old one and gave it an extra power supply we had, and it was perfect.

I was glad that I was able to help her get back parts of her grandsons memories. Helping others had been my aspiration and when I worked on that case and coming out successfully boosted my confidence level in solving computer issues. Again I was glad people choose us instead of other computer repair shop in my town. We charge reasonable money for the services that are quality and satisfying. The business progressed until the end of my sophomore year doing the company to spread to the entire community. I inferred that no matter how ambiguous the problem is, just like fixing a computer, it will have a solution.

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