If You Had Three Wishes What Would They Be Essay

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Date:  2021-04-15


In life, people have got several desires that are not within their reach. Kids wish to have chocolate and toys; however, the aspirations change with time when they realize other important aspects of life. As such, when one is given an opportunity to make wishes the list may be long and the task may not seem easy since humans have got several demands that they want to accomplish in life. The task becomes harder when such wishes are narrowed to three. As an intelligent person who believes that being selfish is a quality that affects us negatively, I would make three wishes that will not only help me as a person but will also ensure that all people on a global scale are happy and live to their fulfillment.

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I Wish There Was a Cure for Cancer

My first wish is for a cure for cancer. This is one of my most unselfish wishes. I know there are several diseases in the world which call for the cure, but the extent to which cancer has affected most families demands for its elimination. As it is now, cancer is the second disease that causes death in the United States of America (Hagoel, L. (2017). Apart from death, it comes with huge expenses that leave families bankrupt, and at the end of it, the affected person ultimately dies. On the same note, cancer has got a serious stigma that affects everybody in the household and makes all people connected to the victim become psychologically affected. As such, an end to cancer has got a personal importance to me, but it will also contribute to an increased happiness of all people on a global scale.

The Need for Educational Opportunities for All

My second wish is educational opportunities to all people in the world. Although education may not be the primary source of happiness in life, it contributes to a virtuous life. Through education, several innovations have been created which have made people live in comfort. Such innovations include the transport system, medical innovations among others. On the same note, education was the source of the technological revolution that has made the world see various technologies which are the major source of solutions to the human problems (Bhardwaj, 2016). I believe that education opportunities will give all people a golden chance to learn something new, create jobs, and solve the world's problems as equal education for all people is the key to a just society. I strongly trust that if all people were given a chance to be educated, the cure to deadly diseases such as AIDS could have been found.

Wish for Marriage

My last wish is somehow selfish of my personal interest, in most cases, comes before everyone. I wish to marry the most beautiful spouse in the world. I am a person who believes not only in procreation but in a beautiful one. I want my kids to have traits of the most beautiful couples both phenotypically and genetically. I need a spouse who will teach my kids the best way to live and make them understand that people have to work hard in order to live a comfortable life. Additionally, the best couple will prevent cases of admiring other people which will bring family issues in my life.


Although the chance to have three wishes might never be true, what an exciting place the earth would be when such requests were made. An end to cancer, the most beautiful spouse, and education opportunities for all are hopeful thinking to some people, but these could be accomplished in future. If I were in a position to make wishes and they become true, they would have assisted the world today and for many years to come. What a magnificent world it would be!


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Hagoel, L. (2017). Existential Suffering in the Social Context of Cancer Risk. In Alleviating World Suffering (pp. 411-422). Springer International Publishing.

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