Admission Essay Example for a Doctorate in Business Administration

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Date:  2021-06-23

Being in college has given me the inspiration to become a professor in future. I found it appealing having the ability to inspire young people and assist them as they progress in their careers. The professors in my college were smart and quite confident in what they did and always provided answers to any query. I am certain that that is the route that I want to follow. Nonetheless, I find it necessary to have an experience before joining the teaching avenue. The regular advice from my father was that both education and experience were key factors in life. I have always abided by the advice, and hopefully, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte would be a great place for me to pursue my education.

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My interest to pursue my doctorate developed when I was still an undergraduate after being given a project by a marketing professor to invent a new product. The project required plenty of time and extensive research into all the core functions of business, and how the company would be managed as a sole proprietorship or rather operate under my management. The experience during the project made me realize the extensive amount of analysis that is required for making an effective business decision. I had to take into consideration several factors such as the target consumer market, technology, competition, market niche and so forth. In other words, the project allowed me to think critically and apply decision-making skills to an area of interest.

My interests have always been in the world of business. Therefore, from a personal viewpoint, the doctoral program would serve a dual purpose because it would enable me to get to my goal of being a business professor, and as well get into real estate consulting and ligation work. A doctorate in business administration would put me near the top of my respective field and open up a wide variety of opportunities for me both as an aspiring professor and as a real estate professional. Furthermore, it would enable me to interact with experts in my field and hence boost my professional skills.

Research Interest

Some of my research interests include projects in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Being an accredited real estate broker, the challenges that I frequently experience include; evaluating the current market conditions for a property, and under optimal conditions, identify the most probable price a willing, and able buyer on the open market would pay with a limited marketing budget. Another challenge entails ensuring that there is a high return on investment for marketing by using the traditional methods.

My interests in research on management and entrepreneurship emanate from my vision of owning a real estate company someday such that I am able to create employment opportunities for young visionaries whose interests also lie in marketing. From a personal viewpoint, in order for me to be an effective entrepreneur or a business owner, I have to ensure that I know how to invest my time in the most efficient manner for me to get the most out of myself and the people that I work with. I find the idea of assessing case studies regarding small businesses, learning how they run efficiency, and compete with the bigger companies in the industry, to be appealing. I hope to gain experiences during my time at University of North Carolina at Charolotte that will benefit me both personally and professionally.

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