Academic Interest in Human Genetics/Molecular Biology

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Date:  2022-04-18

Ph.D. in Molecular and Genetics Biology is a significant area of inspiration for me. This course will allow me to obtain a high dimensional genetic information about patient tumors and be in a position to relate this to clinical outcomes. With advancement in DNA sequencing and other technologies in genomics, I believe that undertaking this course will enable me to research the roles of coenzyme and discover more about the systems involved in the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis. Also, Molecular and Genetics Biology will provide me with the blueprint for all biological functions and boost my knowledge and drive in human genetics for which I display great enthusiasm.

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The complex relationship between cells and other structures in biology has intrigued me for years and has instilled in me the motivation to expand my understanding of molecules. A Ph.D. in Molecular and Genetics Biology will enable me to study familial (kConFab, ViP) and population-based (Lifepool) breast and ovarian (Australian Ovarian) cancer that are embedded in this program. This will enhance my research skills due to the large numbers of patient samples with rich clinical information and associated biospecimens.

My achievements as a research assistant at the Cell Therapy Center at the University of Jordan honed my skills in molecular biology and are instrumental for the success this course. I participated in a research project that successfully transplanted the first stem cells corneal epithelia in the Arab region and another in the evaluation of stem cells efficacy from different sources for the reconstruction of human skin. Through a detailed investigation, the outcome of the project was the realization of the conditions that could allow the generation and safe transfer of limbal epithelial stem cells to patients.

I deserve this scholarship because I have read around the subject and my familiarity with molecular biology has increased beyond my specification. It has provided me with an in-depth understanding the DNA function and molecular structure while at the same time, evoking curiosity to study and the desire to get solutions to questions such as mechanisms of senescence in genetics. Furthermore, this scholarship will allow me to explore the cancer genetics and genomics program which applies genomics technology to large patient cohorts with a particular focus on breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

I have always done my hardest to be the best in my undertakings despite challenges. I have maintained impressive academic qualification since high school. For instance, I scored a cumulative average of 80 percent in Al-Orouba High School, Amman, Jordan, followed by a GPA of 3.4 out of 4 in my Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology. Most recently, I scored a GPA of 3.1 out of 4 in a Master's degree in Biology Science where I studied a comparative gene expression profile (Whole transcriptome) of different types of keratinocytes stem cells' colonies isolated from human skin epidermis.

Lastly, practical and research experience are vital in realizing good productivity in Molecular and Genetics Biology. As the Research lab supervisor at the Cell Therapy Center in the University of Jordan, I have gained invaluable experience in developing and improving cell isolation protocols for stem cells from different tissue sources including, adipose tissue, bone marrow, and cornea. Furthermore, I have played crucial roles such as the optimization, running and analysis of Next-generation sequencing protocols and data as well as the development and validation of several molecular techniques in the laboratory including Real time-PCR, Sanger sequencing. These assignments have ignited my passion in solving problems in human genetics.

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