Essay on Exploring Intellectual and Academic Interests at the University of Pennsylvania

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Date:  2022-03-10


During the summer of my junior year at the University of Pennsylvania, I was nominated to attend the prestigious National Youth Leadership Forum regarding business education and innovation. As a leader of my team, I guided team colleagues through engagements in business ventures and entrepreneurship. Our primary purpose was to increase our knowledge and implement solutions to current business issues through hands-on exercises and challenges. We ended up creating a device (mobile phone projector) that won the 3rd place in innovation and presentation amongst 30 other teams. I learned a great deal of how to utilize creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills during this experience. Furthermore, I discovered how crucial it is for business leaders to employ the unique skill sets and critical thinking abilities of their team members. This significant opportunity increased my fascination of business and eagerness to gain acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania.

How would I explore my intellectual and academic interest at The University of Pennsylvania? First, I would like to get involved in the variety of business options available to prospective students such as dual degree, study abroad, and concentration in Management or Marketing and communication which are the fields of my passion. The word Applied and hands-on learning makes me feel so driven at what I will acquire from the program such as Human Resource Management, Multinational Management, Business Strategy or Entrepreneurship these classes will equip me with a great foundation and prepare me to be a successful professional. Learning to apply business knowledge to a real world is a significant aspect that makes the school unique. Secondly, I will make a vision research opportunity as this would give me a real perspective of each business industry. Thirdly, I will utilize the opportunity for internship and study abroad. These aspects will give me an opportunity to apply my knowledge to evaluate a business solution in the workforce. Fourth, diversity in University of Pennsylvania is made up of students from different background which makes it a unique experience for the student to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Fifth, I would pursue a dual degree. Hence it would open a door for me to be involved in both International study and Business degree from the Huntsman Program. I am inspired to be part of Leadership development program since it would transform me into even more valuable candidate for leadership roles of fortune 500 companies. I can explore my interest in Entrepreneurship, by engaging in the University Entrepreneurship, while expanding my love of cultures and languages. I can be as concentrated on the area of my study with the flexible curriculum as well as challenging myself with studying abroad program. The University of Pennsylvania provides countless opportunities and avenues to be successful, and therefore I will fulfill my ambition in the institution. Learning to apply business knowledge to the professional market is essential, and I believe the University of Pennsylvania will prepare me for any situation.

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Additionally, reading about the Global Economy, Business and Society classes motivated me to learn more about the international aspect of a business. I am also highly motivated to increase my knowledge due to my mother being from Thailand. I find it is fascinating to be able to bring the best value of one country into another, develop solutions that benefit all parties involved, and to create relationships between nations while applying rules and regulations. Traveling is one of my desires, and the opportunity that Pennsylvania University has for international ventures would lead me to achieve more in global trade, to further my understanding of different cultures and languages, and to contribute for business solutions. I am certainly learning about other cultures and diversity is the key to international business success. I am eager to pursue the research opportunities available and apply my business solutions to the professional World. My ultimate goal is to create an international trade company that has the perfect balance of innovation, rules, and regulations. I am extremely motivated to take on the challenge of becoming a leader in international trade after I graduate from the University of Pennsylvania.

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