Personal Statement: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP)

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Date:  2022-07-27


My choice of a career in the healthcare sector is the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. An evaluation of the personality analysis reveals that there a partial match between my PNP career and my personal interests. The test shows that my primary interest is in the investigative areas. Generally, investigative people value knowledge, intelligence, achievement, originality, and challenges among others. They are considered to be smart, rational, analytical, independent, open-minded and patient. Problems inspire them because they enjoy solving them.

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The investigative trait matches my choice because some of the aspects are consistent with the qualities desired of PNPs. Primarily, PNPs need patience to work successfully with children. Besides, they need to have good analytical capability so that they can think on their feet, more so in emergency situations. The ability to understand the needs of patients quickly and prescribe a solution is also vital among PNPs (Aruda, Griffin, Schartz, & Geist, 2016). Furthermore, Handling children undergoing pain require emotional and mental strength. The emotional quality is congruent with the artistic interest area.

In general, the artistic people value emotions, language, independence, and aesthetics. Ability to express emotions predisposes the pediatric nurse to empathize with the children in pain together with their parents or guardians (Aruda, Griffin, Schartz, & Geist, 2016).

Ability to communicate clearly is critical in the nursing profession because any small misunderstanding can often have negative ramifications. The artistic people are good with language, and this puts them in a position to succeed in the nursing profession. Combining both the investigative and artist tendencies, one can conclude that there is a partial match between my career in PNP and my primary interests.

The duties and responsibilities of a PNP are many. However, the most important roles include identification of changes in signs and symptoms in children. Secondly, they distinguish between normal and abnormal physical conditions. Thirdly, they help in the management of child pain. Also, they educate parents and guardians on how to offer children preventive and protective care at home. Finally, they evaluate children for signs of abuse and act as their advocates (Freed, Dunham, Cherry, & Martyn, 2010).

The journey to becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner is not always smooth. Candidates must finish a degree program in nursing to start. That is followed by enrolment in a master's program in nursing that generally last between two to three years. At the master's level, a student can opt to specialize in the care of infants and children (Freed, Dunham, Cherry, & Martyn, 2010).

The average annual salary for PNPs ranges from $35000 to $85000. The main factors that affect the package are work location, the experience of the PNP and the type of employer. Statistics reveal that PNPs in California earn as high as $95000 compared to their counterparts in Texas who accumulate $60000 per anum (Freed, Dunham, Cherry, & Martyn, 2010).

People with social interest have qualities that are ideal for the pediatric nursing career. First and foremost, they enjoy activities that help others and promote learning. Further, they like to offer advice and serve others. PNPs are generally preoccupied with helping children. Also, they provide educational services to parents and guardians of ailing children (Career Stint, 2018).

Flight Crew Pilot

Flight pilots tend to have good social skills. That is important because just like in pediatric nursing, good communication is indispensable between pilots and the control tower and other crew members. Secondly, they are analytical and logical thinkers. It enables them to assess the weather and other flight conditions and act accordingly. Self-confidence is also important for one to succeed in the career (Julia, 2017).

There are similarities between the qualities required for PNPs and those of flight pilots. First of all, both require the ability to think analytically in emergency situations are react appropriately. Secondly, both careers require the practitioners to have good communication skills. This is because accurate dissemination of information is vital to the minimization of human error that can lead to negative consequences in both careers.

Flight pilots generally have various duties and responsibilities both in-flight and on the ground. Primarily, the fly aircraft using the necessary flight control gadgets and instruments. Also, they assess the weather and test instruments before a flight and submit reports. Finally, they provide post flight details to the relevant aviation authorities or employers (Meier, 2018).

The minimum educational requirement for pilots is a bachelor's degree in aviation or aeronautics. The course, however, must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The next stage is to have flight experience. Depending on the type of aircraft one intends to fly, there are minimum flight hours that one must have in order to get a flight license (Meier, 2018). The median annual remuneration for pilots is $118000 according to the US labor statistics.

Ideally, people with the conventional interest would make good pilots. This is because they like projects that follow a set of guidelines and customs. The flight industry has stringent regulations that must be followed to promote safety (Mark, 2007).

Several conclusions can be drawn following the personal career research. First, the personality of an individual plays an important role in their success in a chosen career. Therefore it is important to undertake a personality test before choosing a career path.


I am certain that the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner is the right career choice for me because the personal interest inventory test shows results that are consistent with the basic personality requirements for nursing. Also, I agree with inventory results because they are reliable and approved methods for assessing personal interests.


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