Career Plan in Human Resource Management

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Date:  2021-03-19

Key Interest Areas

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Rather than specializing, I have decided to become a generalist since this career path offers more employment and growth opportunities. In my postgraduate course, I have developed an interest in employee relations due to their critical role in business success. Successful organizations thrive on positive and secure employer-employee relationships facilitated by HR professionals. During my undergraduate internship, I successfully resolved a conflict concerning poor work environments. Employees were complaining about unequal opportunities in the workplace and I helped in formulating new benefit and reward schemes. I am also interested in the onboarding process which involves the process of new hires adjusting to the performance and social aspects of their new jobs as quickly as possible to increase efficiency. These two specialties are critical to maintaining good relationships between the employer, employees, suppliers, and clients all of which depend on employee satisfaction levels. Developing good relationships with the employees and creating effective communication channels will help in reducing employee turnover which in turn increases overall organizational profitability.

Career goals

After graduation, I plan to seek a post as an assistant HR manager which is an entry-level position in the industry. This position will mainly be for gaining experience on the profession and networking with more experienced professionals. Since advancement prospects in the human resources profession can be improved by earning certifications from industry organizations, I aim to undertake the CIPD Level 7 Advanced qualifications after a year in the industry. These qualifications will help be to develop my breadth of knowledge and specialize in employee relations. Additionally, the eventual advanced diploma provides a pathway to Chartered Membership in the institute. The additional certifications coupled with relevant industry experience for five years will allow me to move into executive positions in large organizations.

How to Position CV and LinkedIn Profile


Since CV submissions are mostly done online nowadays, I have included relevant keywords that will help my CV stand out from the rest. These words include training and development, change management, and employee relations. Since I will be applying for mid-level and high level roles, the CV shall emphasize on my leadership and management skills while giving examples. The examples serve to provide specifics that show my potential value to an organization.

LinkedIn Profile

The profile shall have a professional photo showing a smiling face. The headline will include my specific abilities such as Open Networker, and Employee Relations Specialist. This headline shall be updated regularly as I acquire additional skills in the profession. The summary for LinkedIn will differ from the CV summary in that it will showcase who I am and my passion, my career achievements and goals, the potential value I add to a company and a reason for people to engage with me on the platform. Continued participation in groups relating to my expertise will help to build my online reputation on the subjects.

Other Reflection Points

Overall, the postgraduate program was both enjoyable and challenging. Taking the postgraduate program in Human Resource Management has qualified me for a job in a position where I can improve relationships between people. Success in the Masters program has required intense self-motivation, discipline, time management, and a good work ethic, all of which I believe to be useful in developing the same skills in employees. Having succeeded in completing the program, I am now well equipped to facilitating employee development in both local and global contexts this improving organizational performance.

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