How to Find Employment After College? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-07-21


Completion of the college education is the first step of climbing up the career ladder. For fresh college graduates, the pressure to find a suiting job that meets their career requirements is usually a daunting task because many variables are involved. College graduates have to weigh between prioritizing salary and career development. However, according to Kristine Kero, a career consultant, and training specialist at the University of Seattle, college graduates, should mount a sustained campaign on career development rather than salary (Kero, 2018).

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The first step in finding employment after college is to write a resume. The graduate has the option of using online resources to come up with a resume that clearly states their career goals, highlights vital skills, highlight education accomplishment, and highlights career-related activities. The graduate should customize each resume for a specific job.

Once the graduate has a resume, they can proceed to establish a search network. There are several jobs seeking sites that the student can utilize to search for employment. Websites such as LinkedIn and Career builder are examples of sites the graduate can use in their job search. They allow the user to enter their preference such as field and salary.

The graduate should then proceed to obtain various references from the lecturers and faculty members whose opinion matters. One can also refer religious leaders to their LinkedIn profile for them to write their recommendations. It is essential also to invite volunteer organizations as their opinion goes a long way to reflect the job seeker as a model citizen.

After obtaining references, it is now time to assemble the relevant documents that include the high school diploma, college degree, resume, other certificates of participation in co-curricular activities, and even create a business card for networking.

The dress code is the last part of job seeking but equally important. The dress code gives the first impression to the potential employers.

After completing the process described above, one can then proceed to attend professional events in the related field. Events organized by professional bodies are an excellent platform for a potential job seeker to market themselves to potential employers.


The procedure described above requires one to be relentless because it only increases the chances, but it cannot be a hundred percent effective. The process described above builds a professional profile. The Curriculum vitae is the trading currency in the world of employment. The graduate should not forget to utilize the search networks available online and invite the relevant people to write a reference on their professional profile online. The support materials should always be ready for an interview, and the dress code should reflect what is on the professional profile. Doing all these will be pointless if one is unable to network and professional events are the best avenues for one to network with potential employers.


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