Personal Statement Example: Application for Periodontal Prosthesis Residency Program

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Date:  2021-06-18

Dear Admission Committee,

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As part of my application for Periodontal Prosthesis Residency program at Penn Dental Medicine, I include this personal statement to not only demonstrate why I chose the program but also to explain how the program will help me to achieve my goals in my professional and academic life.

I would like to start by stating that I have been passionate about applying this program for the past two years, and as a matter of fact this is the only graduate program that I have ever applied for. However, many of my mentors and my colleagues believe I do hold a strong chance for many residency programs.

I have been in private practice for more than eight years where I was actively involved in owner and principal dentist, associate family and cosmetic dentist, and part-time assistant manager. My academic background which laid the foundation to my current field of specialization dates back to 1998 when I enrolled for a Doctor of Dental Surgery where I graduated with honors. I have attended dental school twice and both cases I graduated with honors. Besides my academic qualifications, I have also received multiple clinical and academic awards due to my exceptional performance. I had the opportunity to collect more than 1500 hours of CE within the past three years, many of which were focused on implantology and advanced prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

In my practice, I have successfully finished several complex cases, and I had ended up with complications in few. I have learnt from my own mistakes and I believe there is a significant room available for improvement and that I need to develop a scholarly approach in my clinical practice to be able to provide my patients with the best evidence-based treatments. I know my areas of strength and the areas that I need to improve. In all these years of practicing and learning dentistry, I feel obliged to learn more and to give back more. Being a good dentist has never been solely a career for me but a lifestyle, and I do not see any program other than Periodontal Prosthesis at Penn Dental Medicine to fulfill and satisfy this urge.

For the past three years, I have been committed and dedicated to raising my knowledge and skillset to provide my patients with a high-quality implant and prosthetic treatments. In my quest to raise the standard in my everyday practice, I had the honor to have some of the best and world-renowned clinicians and educators as my mentors. I have been trained by Dr. Maurice Salama and Dr. Michael Pikos in implantology and periodontics, and have attended many of Dr. David Garbers lectures. Last December I had the pleasure of working under Dr. Henry Salamas supervision at the Metropolitan University of UNIMES in Brazil. All these amazing educators have inspired me and have been one of the reasons as to why I believe in periodontal prosthesis program at Penn Dental Medicine.

I have done my research by visiting the college website (, and I believe that it is only the Periodontal Prosthesis program at Penn Dental Medicine that could help me to achieve my goals in my career. This unique combination of Periodontics, Implantology and fixed prosthodontics is second to none. In addition to periodontics requirement, the number of complex reconstructions that need to be completed is higher than most prosthodontic programs. The opportunity to treat the complex cases in an interdisciplinary fashion will provide an in-depth understanding of patients need and will eliminate the tunneled vision that many of our specialists are suffering from. Only a historic program with such proven track record could provide the potential students with this quality of education and clinical training. I know that this program needs dedication, commitment, and hard work, and I am ready to invest myself one hundred percent in going beyond the requirement of this program. I have the passion, background, skill set and commitment that it takes to graduate from this program proudly and to carry the name of Penn Dental Medicine with honor.

In addition to academic qualifications and professional practice, I have also been involved in activities associated with my career. For example, I have participated in the research, volunteer, and outreach programs. These programs have helped me to utilize my skills, knowledge, and experience to contribute to what is helpful to humanity. In the program Oral Health Total Health that was organized by one non-governmental organization, I utilized my skills, knowledge, and experience to offer free services to patients with special needs. It was also through participation in such activities that I realize my additional studies in this field will help me contribute to the society better.

It is with great pleasure and a heart full of excitement that I am applying for this unique and world-class postgraduate program. I do believe in myself, and I trust this program to be the only one out of many residency programs that attracted my interest. Should you feel this program matches my skills, academic qualifications, knowledge, and experience, I will be grateful for your invitation. I am willing to discuss more my candidacy, my passion for the program, and how best I can work to meet your expectations. And as I await for your response, kindly accept my thanks in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

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