My Career Goal: Balancing Work, Responsibilities & Pursuing Nursing Career - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-11-16


My career goal is to further my studies and attain certification and a degree in the most convenient manner. However, I have to balance my routine work, house chores and responsibilities and at the same time find space and opportunity to pursue my nursing career. FlexPath program appears to align perfectly with my career goal as it provides a flexible and most convenient opportunity for me to pursue the degree. As part of my career objective, I have been struggling with saving money to finance my nursing education, invest time and resources in my side jobs and ensure that my personal life and relationship with the family does not hang on the balance. I have, for a long time, desired for elevated level in my career through promotions. They happen to be possible only through acquiring a masters’ degree. Thus, the FlexPath program supports my desire for a promotion and better pay while working in the field. In some way, FlexPath is a bridge towards my career success in that it safely delivers me from the regular classroom studies, preset and structured schedules and unwavering timelines that fails to factor in my normal schedules. Therefore, the program is more appropriate in my quest for a masters degree in nursing.

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Academic History

My academic history is full of success and failure stories. Throughout high school and early college life, I have been balancing the academic goals and co-curriculum activities. Part of the challenging environment for the realization of my academic goals is financial difficulties and time balancing. Procrastination has been central in the previous academic life, where I have been struggling with parttime engagement and classwork. I have learned through my early academic life that projecting the outcomes of my career paths has been my most significant strength. I have chosen several directions right from high school through college and ended up dropping some of them after realizing that they were not the best suit for me. Thus, I have, on several occasions, tried to further in these careers with several unsuccessful and successful attempts. That is how I eventually landed in nursing. The intersection of my passion, desire to serve others, and add value not only in my life but also on others played a pivotal role in my final decision to follow a nursing career. I firmly believe that passion, interests, internal and external motivations, and support from the local community and classmates will ensure that I am successful in the FlexPath.

Ability to Self-Motivate in an Unstructured Environment

Working or learning in an environment where there is no coherent organization or a system that people follows through is very challenging. Ironically, these unstructured settings have bee central in my learning and development process. In most case, I have had to try and establish and resonate with my self-motivation capacity to perform in such environments. My passion for a course serves as the greatest motivational factor in my life. I can attest enthusiastically that without passion and a desire for an established outcome, I cannot perform in any activity. Therefore, self-motivation in an unstructured environment is as a result of my desire to achieve organization and a formal structure as an end result.


Thus, the end goal has been the constant driving force and the power of my self-motivation. For instance, in my early study life, I have managed to seek the inner self-motivation to concentrate on my studies and classwork amidst the unstructured environment where classmates and roommates focus on parties and non-academic related courses. My self-motivation and personal drive are to eventually transform the unstructured environment to suit my learning or working space. In a way, I can say that the external forces of the unstructured space do not really affect my ability to self-motivate.

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