Making Criminology Career Essay

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Date:  2022-02-17

Making a career choice has never been easy for most people in the current world. This is due to the question of opportunities in the job market which also affected me. Several aspects made me set my mind on criminology. Ever since I was a child, I was so fascinated by any topic related to crime, whether in the news, a movie, or the general society since I had many opinions that were related to crime in the world. Although I had a profound concern based on ethical deliberations like moral concerns, I encouraged myself that I shall bring a change in society. I would deliberately ask myself various questions that made me think of ending my interest, but the fact that everyone should work for a difference in the world influenced my conscience.

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Nonetheless, during my foundation year, I spent my time in the QAF Academic Bridging Program where I acquired lots of experience that distinguishes me from the other university students. Though the military-sponsored experience was not different from the usual Academic Bridging Program, the physiological and physical impacts on students were very distinct. The terms and conditions set in this institution were stringent than those received by other students from other universities due to the activities conducted. Despite all the challenges faced, my motivation towards achieving my academic goals was heightened. Higher milestone students were given high academic levels; this made me withstand all the adversities to attain my educational objectives.

If given an opportunity, I can achieve my academic goals. With my position as a cadet, I have a better knowledge of criminal justice due to my association with an arm of government that is closely related to criminal justice. The experience gained from the ABP made me acquire better academic qualities. It is clear that cadets have a high potential of influencing both the local and the global matters. Though mild at the beginning, cadet's involvement can impact significant changes in society and the overall lives of people. I was so focused to ensure that the community lives in peace and that made me realize that I needed to work closely with the society and involve in providing solutions for the daily challenges in people's lives. Therefore, it is crucial for a person with such an essential role in society to get into the criminal justice domain.

Venturing my interests in the crime world, I observed that many people work tirelessly whenever an opportunity arises. For example, most students from the Academic Bridging Program were allowed to undertake their careers and consequently meet their objectives. Nonetheless, most were not satisfactorily experienced to accomplish the tasks given to them but the opportunity they had helped them to attain their goals. As earlier said, the only thing that stands between me and my academic achievement is an opportunity that I am looking forward to getting. The world perceives criminologists as runners of the crime management environment depending on their success and their accomplishment of careers in their potential markers. Criminologists create situations that are crucial in the criminal justice sphere. They are responsible for the crime environment since they ensure that law and justice are followed. However challenging ensuring criminal justice might be, my interests in criminology have been intensified since they suit my aspirations of providing the wellness to the society as well as accomplishing my career objectives.

As much as various opinions regarding criminal justice made me settle my mind on this career since I was a child, I was aware that it was challenging because of the community's perception of law enforcers. More so, fewer people talked about this career. Due to lack of opportunity and support, I faced some difficulties in working towards my academic achievement in this field which distinguishes me from many students out there. Looking at the criminology world and the crimes happening in the current world, I noticed that this is a career that required a lot of effort. This improved my curiosity and I gained the urge of getting in-depth knowledge in this field and know what it involves to achieve the best.

Criminology is a body that analyses crime, criminal behaviors, and the law. As a criminology student, I would learn the sociocultural and socioeconomic factors that have encouraged crime over the years. Moreover, the integration of various courses such as political science, economics, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, sociology and other related fields in criminology, will help me to pursue my interests in areas such as corrections, law and law reforms policy, crime prevention as well as research policies in matters involving crime. The increased knowledge in the criminology and added cadet knowledge helps me to deeply understand the aspects of the course and make rational decisions in the crime field. The experience in ABP became indispensable in instilling vital information which allows me to understand criminal justice and employ logical reasoning.

Due to the above reasons among others, I developed an interest in the field of criminology and working hard to achieve goals and aims. With crime being among the most critical sectors in the country, I feel the urge to comprehend how the system of justice works and how they differ from different states. My bridging program helped me understand the basic requirements and practices undertaken on the cadet and various programs. Though my career was challenging, I worked hard since I had higher aims and goals in my academics life.

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