Essay Example on Self-reflection Ethics

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Date:  2021-06-28

Ethical practice is the strict adherence to rules that prescribe the baseline for legal ethics and professional responsibilities ("Ethical Dilemma," 2017). An extensive view on ethical issues, and the need to practice it influences ones thinking significantly. On a personal level, ethical practice reminds me the need to act, and behave in a manner that not only meets the set rules of my professional conduct but also which is of best interest for the organization I represent. Ethical practice demands that I maintain high levels of integrity in all my practices.

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I believe as ethically right to respect peoples privacy, and avoid violation of such in any case. However, as I would learn that believe have exceptions where they cannot stand. I recently encountered a situation where I had to provide some software documents urgently, and given that they were not in my possession I tried to reach out the friend who had them. I didnt succeed, but the friend had used my laptop. I checked and discovered he did not log out, I accessed the software and shared it. It was an ethical situation that made me change my original position.

I gained more insight in descriptive ethics, where I had a clue on how we are forced to behave as per situations, violating what we usually consider as the right position (Rafner, 2015). More insight on descriptive ethics reminds me that ones original position is subject to change based on circumstances. In professional practice, you are bound to encounter situations which cannot be handled by normative ethics.

I learned about the need to be truthful to whatever I do, by acting ethically. It will not be right for me to access someones private space in the name of an urgent need when such does not exist. Id thus conclude that my professional life should be anchored on honesty, as the basis for making ethical decisions.

Personal factors like friendships, family, finance, and even business interests can contribute to ethical dilemmas. Self-awareness is about understanding your personality, and it plays a role in the decisions we make. Personality is about perceptions, beliefs, emotions, motivations among other features. Understanding these traits, and how they influence decision making was insightful on how to go about professional life. Understanding the impact of emotions on ethical challenges serves to remind me that I should be in control. The class gave me a perspective on how to balance my personality in ethical decision making.

There are a lot of consideration to look at when working with others ("Building Great Work Relationships: Making Work Enjoyable and Productive," 2016). How one interacts with others, communicates, resolves conflicts are some of the issues worth considering ethically while working with others. A helping professional should be aware that it is ethically wrong to take credit for someones work simply because he or she was helping. They shouldnt also take advantage of their fellows in any way simply because of the help. The support should remain genuine and straightforward to either of the parties.

There are a lot of practices to build healthy work relationships. Being trustworthy, welcoming and mindfulness of others welfare form the basis of a healthy working relationship ("Building Great Work Relationships: Making Work Enjoyable and Productive," 2016). Respecting working mates and ensuring open communication are also part of the practices which promote healthy labor relations. There are more other practices, which just have to be within the core rules of engagement and each person at the workplace will be happy engaging and helping each other.


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