Personal Essay Example: Disturbing Facts About My Life

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Date:  2021-04-01

Prompt 1: Disturbing Things in My Relationships

I believe that a relationship is a social association that brings together two or more people who share the sense of humanity, ideology, compassion, affection or love. Through these common ideals, it is possible to confide in other people one's struggles and cares as well as collectively develop success strategies and celebration of achievements. Nonetheless, relationships are often rife with various challenges that require an active response to control. What is a disturbing relationship for me? The problems in my relationships include ineffective communication, unrelenting negative behaviors, and financial disagreements.

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The question how technologies disturb relationships is also topical for me. In most cases, I become preoccupied with personal issues and technological gadgets including mobile phones and television which limit the time for one on one interactions. Without concentration, it is hard for me to understand the information divulged. In the long term, communication challenges have led to misunderstanding, and colleagues refrain from confiding in me critical secrets pertinent in maintaining strong ties. Moreover, some behavior patterns such as using coded language against the elderly that amounts to insults and arrogance are other strain factors in my relationships.

I subscribe to the notion of tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. This dictum makes me avoid rude people in forming my relationships as it is also disturbing behavior in a relationship. My conscience and environment nurtured in me the absolute sense of respect that pervades age. Therefore, I do not accept disrespect at all costs. Though such relationships necessitate compromise and persistent corrections, it sometimes becomes intolerable. Apart from sensitivity to respect, the other thing I hold dear is the need to ensure personal financial security which strains my relationships. I believe in financial safety even when interacting with close people. However, in most cases, the people with whom I relate try to infiltrate into my financial details such as how much I earn, spend and save which derails the nobility of the ties.

Prompt 2: Disturbing Things in My Finances

I believe in maximum financial security which entails keeping my earnings, expenditures and savings as secret as possible. Nonetheless, I find it challenging to adequately budget with my money and accomplish everything as initially planned. The most disturbing thing found on money is that I plan in advance before earning or receiving expected cash but relegate part of the project for other things that come up when I eventually get my payments. Even though I make appropriated prioritization of expenditures, some other things happen along the way that makes me divert the finances located for another thing to solve such unprecedented issues. The effect of this unplanned expenditure is that every time I have unmet objectives.

I conceive that as long as one sets up a precise budget based on the expected incomes, it is possible to accomplish everything that entails in the expenditure list. I struggle to embrace the values of financial discipline to avoid the challenges that come as a result of impulse spending. Even when I give allowances for miscellaneous expenditures, I eventually end up with overlapping expenses that inhibit my ability to invest or save for the future. In most cases, I live hand to mouth.

I think that the best way to handle my finances is in such a way that I accomplish all my economic plans without having any overlapping inadequacies. In essence, I believe that what I earn is just enough to meet both my long term and short term objectives as long as I practice strict financial management. I should not experience debts or unmet monetary targets and investments even with the substantial amount set aside for unique financial needs. With a proper plan, I should treat any other things needing my financial attention as secondary to pre-established goals.

Prompt 3: Things About My Career Plans, Preparation, and Prospects That Disturb Me

I anticipate and work hard in earnest to ensure that I rise to the higher echelons of my career through displaying excellent knowledge and skills but also ensuring that I obtain equal payment for my work. Ideally, I believe that a good job is not only one that satisfies an individual worker but also pays in such a way that meets all his or her financial needs. I look forward to getting employment in a field that requires high abilities and specialization. Working in such an environment would impose me to exploit my full potential and gain critical skills within the same field of specialization. Through specialization, I will develop insights that are necessary for innovation and invention of new approaches towards specific issues. This expectation notwithstanding, I am worried about the changing trends characterized by globalization and smooth movement of the labor force.

The close ties within the current international community imply that workforce and other resources quickly move to areas of need. Through this scenario, I must adopt a career development scheme that prepares me to be flexible to changing global trends. Therefore, I have to either specialize in more than one field or acquire diverse expertise in various disciplines that are relevant to the contemporary needs as well as the future expectations. It also disturbs me that the professional bureaucracies employed by different employers hinder progressive promotion that contributes to reduced morale in competitive occupations. Therefore, I not only have to show exemplary service in my employment but also continuously train in proficiency courses that make it easier to gain promotions and participate actively in setting up, organizing and achieving professional objectives.

Prompt 4: Things About My Faith and Spirituality That Disturb Me

I believe that religion, faith and spiritually are the realms from which absolute calmness and comfort come. When beginning and during any undertaking, my faith requires me to benchmark losses and achievements against its ideals. I find my faith contradictory in multiple ways. While on the one hand it nudges me to be fair, and just in my dealings with other people, it also tells me that those who do wrong seem to prosper materially on this earth. Though I believe by faith in the existence of life after death and everlasting life, the nature of life I lead in the world is of equal concern. Therefore, I am at odds whether to sometimes contend with the pervasive current influences of unfairness or remain fair and just for later spiritual rewards in heaven.

The fact that I live in a world replete with diverse physical and emotional influences that predispose me to sacrifice some of my religious beliefs strains personal freedom and intuition. The firm nature of my faith implies that I can only subscribe to one at a time. In essence, I should be of the world or the heavens. I think that my faith should be that which is not so strict as to be mundane to circumstances. For instance, it would be unfair for me to forgive someone who intentionally inflicts pain on me just to be responsive to the religious need of not paying back evil with evil. I contemplate that the principle of justice and fairness as poised by my faith should be considerate of my plight just like it protects the other people with whom I am likely to interact.

Prompt 5: Areas of My Life That I Feel Especially Happy About

I subscribe to the notion that a person's life is only worthwhile as long as it can impact others positively and contribute effectively towards a shared sense of interconnected humanity. Based on this ideology, the aspect of my life that is a particular source of joy for me is being selfless and living for others just like Mother Teresa did. I draw my happiness from sharing the little that I have with the less fortunate members of the society where I live. The underlying motivation for this practice is that I always interrogate myself that, what would happen to the person if I dont help? My response to this question is always that the worst may happen to them if I fail to intervene in their predicaments. By extension, solving other people's problems reestablishes me within the wider context of human beings who have the sense of compassion, pity, and empathy.

At the slightest opportunity I get, I always actively participate in community empowerment activities, sensitization campaigns, social development programs and establishment of support networks for the needy and elderly in the society. I am also happy with my struggles to manage my expenditure. With the limited earnings, none of the financial plans or obligations that I set out to achieve often go completely unattended in the long run. In essence, I have constrained myself within the limits of the money I earn hence no undue shortfalls, at least in the long-term. Through a mixture of challenges and significant achievements, I have not only become more resilient but also flexible to situations. In the end, I draw happiness from not only attainments but also the challenges that nurture me.

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