Course Work on Self-efficacy and Self-control

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Date:  2021-04-07

Describe the specific behaviours that gave you trouble.

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During class time, failure to complete assignments on time was a behaviour that seriously gave me trouble in psychology class. The behaviour led to a significant decline in my grades and lack of motivation in that subjected.

What antecedents prompted you to perform these behaviours?

The antecedent that inspired me to carry out these behaviours is the domestic problems that I used to experience at home. I approached the counselling department to seek their assistance over the issue, after my interaction with them. I learned that the assignments are much vital for my subject understanding, and my marks for assignments will be part of my final grades.

What were the reinforcing consequences for performing these behaviours successfully?

I experience positive reinforcement. The reinforcement was also continuing. I started becoming mindful of my personal life, and I thought that it is the time that I need to work hard on my class assignments I will be able to change my aggregate grades; therefore, I will be eligible to acquire scholarship and will be able to continue to the next level.

Would you have been punished if you had not finally succeeded? If you had been punished, how would you have felt about it?

Yes, I could be punished if I had failed to improve my grades. The possible punishment in this aspect would have faced academic discontinuation, whereby I would not be able to move on to the next level due to low grades and also denied scholarship; this could end my education aspiration.

Did you use vicarious learning to try to solve your problem? If you did, who did you imitate and why? If you did not, why not?

Yes, I used vicarious learning. I had to select my model from our class; there is a lady in my class, she had a notable class performance and received several academic awards. She is very keen with her class assignments, and she does them accurately to attain the highest grades possible. I had to approach her, and I was able to convince her that I want to engage in vicarious learning with her. I observed how she organized her schedule to allocate time for doing the assignment, revising for exams, participating in sports activities, doing chores and attending to her part-time job.

Did you use self-control to try to solve your problem? If you did, what goal did you set for yourself, and what was your self-reinforce? If you did not use self-control, why not?

Yes, I used self-control. The goals that I had set for myself include: paying attention to the lectures so that I could be capable of handling the assignments, to be able to put down all the assignment instructions, submitting the assignment on time and keeping in touch with the lecturer in case there is a revision. Yes, I used self-reinforce, after a successful submission of assignment without any serious revision instruction from my lecturer, I took myself out with friends to attend music concerts on weekends.

Describe your level of self-efficacy when you first started out, when you were having a particularly troublesome time, and when you finally succeeded.

After successfully submitting five consecutive assignments in my semester, I adapted the behaviour and developed self-confidence on my ability to efficiently working on all class assignments and deliver them several days before the deadline. Even I used to deliver some assignments the same day that we were assigned while the actual deadline was two weeks to come.

What do you think your level of self-efficacy will be for similar tasks in the future? Why do you think your self-efficacy will be at this level?

The level of my self-efficacy will improve on this task in the future; I will be able to do extra assignments for the benefit of myself so as to improve my understanding of the psychology subject. Also, apply the same behaviour on the other subjects whereby I will be completing the assignments accordingly, consequently improve my grades. I have a high self-efficacy at this level, since I know the steps that would make me get higher grades. It also grew higher because I started developing some more ambitions in life since I was confident since my behaviour towards completion of assignment gradually changed.


Jennifer M. & Gareth R. (2007). Understanding and managing organizational behaviour .6th edition

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