Description of the Advert and How It Reached Me - Advertising Essay Example

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This advert is a video compilation of is a Coca-Cola brand produced by Coca-Cola company which is a major brand in the world. This is the video link. I found the video on YouTube after a friend referred to me to check it since it was an eye-catching advert.

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Consumer profiles and 4ps in the advert

4ps involves the product, place, price, and promotion. The advert majorly advertises coca cola drink and shows its sizes, color, how consumers will use it and other features. Regarding place, the advert has shown that Coca-Cola covers a large area, where it is sold which they have correctly pointed on retail areas which sell the product and distribution channels if you want to be supplied with the product. The prices have been stated which the consumer will incur and it has been approximated to be about a dollar per a liter of Coca-Cola because it varied worldwide and went on to show the price points and discount given to customers. Lastly, promotion in the advert has been done online using the internet, and it has used different timelines and wider environment approach since it is a global brand so as to reach many consumers. The customer profiles are the races, age, sex, and economic status of the target customers which vary widely.

Market segmentation

This advert has touched on customers demographics, psychographics, and behaviors. (Sarich, Zaman, & Misra, 2005) In demographics, the advert has involved people of different ages from young to old, they also involved people of both genders (male and female) and last touched on how people with different incomes can enjoy the product. In psychographics, the advert in the first video showed how footballers and their fans could enjoy the drink. This touched on their personality type and went on to explain their preference of Coca-Cola drink. Lastly, the advert through using football sport like world cup showed that it affects peoples behavior in several ways.

Product differentiation

The advert has used soft sell approach to become unique from other competitors since it shows how they are innovative with high-quality products and also the use of the symbol of joy and fun like the way people are enjoying during world cup while watching football makes them different. Another differentiation strategy in the advert is diversification where it touched on their other products like vanilla coke and cherry coke.


Coca-Cola in this advert has used one brand strategy where they have used one visual identity system featuring Coca-Cola Red as a unifying factor color across the trademark. They use the taste the feeling campaign in all their products.

How consumers can buy the product

The advert has covered many places where customers can access the product. It includes local places like supermarkets, wholesale stores and also distributors.

Promotion success

I am much impressed with the way they have conducted their promotion, and it is going to be successful in such a way that man consumers will be aware of the product and will, therefore, sell a lot.

Location of the advert and product being advertised

The advert is mainly found on YouTube and Coca-Cola is the product being advertised

Target audience and approximate cost of the product

The target audience is everyone forms children to adults, and the product varies in price, but the average cost per liter is about one dollar.

Benefits of the product

Coca-Cola has many health benefits. Among them include it eases digestion because it acts like gastric acid which breaks down blockages and helps digest food smoothly, it can focus your mind in cases where you lack concentration and mental focus by bringing you to speed and lastly it can stop nausea and give you a sugar rush.

Why would the product appeal to the target audience and its intended effects?

The advertising strategies Coca-Cola uses in this advert is so appealing to consumers at both local and global level. Linguistic techniques applied is so critical since they have used different languages to appeal to customers around the world (Benard, Oketch & Matu, 2015). Using sports activities like world cup is another factor which will make it reach many customers worldwide and the way they have branded their products. The intended effects are to increase the product sales worldwide by making sure it reaches a wider market.

What assumptions are being made about target audience?

First, they have used football event and mostly used youths playing in their advert because they have assumed most consumers are people of young age as compared to adults. (Kulawik, 2008). Coca-Cola also shows users participating in fun activities, and they assume that it will burn calories in a can of Coke which cat some can be misleading. Another assumption is that through using different languages, the product will reach greater audiences.

Techniques they use to attract customer attention

Coca-Cola draws customer attention through using the timeless font in its logo, distributing its products in a proprietary bottle, keeping its consumer price fixed and used guided word-of-mouth strategy in advertising its product. Through the use of media, the company can reach many customers since many literate people can use the internet and watch TVs.

Techniques of persuasion in the advert

By showing customers how one become cool after drinking Coca-Cola persuades consumers to buy it. Using emotions is another effective strategy since they show customers how drinking Coca-Cola will get a good feeling.

Lifestyles, values, and points of view presented in the advert

This advert has portrayed a lifestyle where it is healthy and special, and the consumers in the advert are influenced sociologically and psychologically in the sense that they change their attitudes about the product after purchasing it and has relation to their decision making. They collect information about taste, smell, and touch of the product and then choose what they prefer hence representing their values and lifestyles.

Understanding of different people

Some people may find the adverts misleading because they use amazing features like they say one gets amazing feeling and energy after drinking Coca-Cola. This can be not true, but for me, it just symbolizes what one will feel after using the product.

Hidden messages in the advertisement

Some sections of the advert are reported to have coded messages like encouraging sex after drinking them, and others say the coca cola logo is anti-Islam, but those are few cases.


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