Cadbury Company Advertisements Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-04-15

Cadbury is a well-known company established in England in 1824 by John Cadbury. Cadbury was formally owned wholly by Kraft Foods and currently by Cadbury Company. John Cadbury sold coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate products. Later, the business developed and he started making dairy milk chocolate, creme egg and roses selection box. Cadbury operates in around fifty countries worldwide and is the second largest best-selling company in the world. Some of its products are beverages like Bourneville cocoa, drinking chocolate, snacks like fudge, crunchie and dairy milk. These products are packaged in different sizes which enables both consumers and retailers to access their products according to their favorable quantities. They are in the form of bars, (dairy milk duo), boxes (milk buttons), multipacks, (crunchie nine pack and four pack), and desserts like chocolate. The varying shapes, sizes, taste are more attractive to children than to the adults. Also, the packages are made appealing to the eyes of the children through the bright colors and product pictures. Advertisements primarily have the motive of attracting customers where the advertisers may end up giving false information on the products to increase sales. Cadbury advertisements are successful because they use facts, precise and straightforward information about the products, their use of factual data, attractive adverts, sampling methods and numerous online ads.

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First and foremost, Cadbury advertisements have well-detailed and straightforward information concerning the products. The report, therefore, becomes available to most of the people as both the children and the old can grasp the information quickly and with ease. In the print advertisements, the products' data is straightforward and attractive to the readers primarily to use of sample images of the products (Saravanan, 65). Use of pictures is also useful to provide additional information and even to assist in the explanation of the physical nature of the product; this reduces ambiguity and confusion with products which may have a similar close brand in color and shape with the products.

Also, these advertisement provides factual data based on Health and fitness results after consumption of the product. Cadbury products are healthy due to their low sugar and fat content (Powell, 577). Excessive use is also prohibited to avoid concentration of sugar especially in children; this can lead to illness such as teeth problems. Cadbury snacks also help in refreshing in cases of boredom and tiredness. Unlike most problematic advertisements which provide lower prices of the products to trigger purchasing power of the customers, Cadbury gives right prices to avoid underestimation or overestimation of customers' budget.

Besides, Cadbury advertisements have an intention of catching the attention of prospective buyers and consumers where it often prints and advertises its products on print, broadcast and public media to create popularity on the existence of the product. The products are also printed as logos on stationary for example pencils poaches, pens and books, for example, McDonald's Barbie. Also, in broadcast advertisements, it uses funny pictures like cartoons and animations and attractive colors to attract children who are the targeted consumers of the product (Sandra, 227). Different packages, sizes, and shapes are also included to ensure different consumer needs are satisfied. Different sizes are advantageous due to their quantity. Different age groups have different consumption levels. Likewise, prices also differ due to various economic and budget specifications of the buyer.

Besides, projects on sampling in the streets and crowded areas especially during kids festivals or kids clubs like Nickelodeon and Disney is also applied; this too, creates awareness and availability of the product in the market. Invitations are made by use of newsletters, cards with products caption on their cover (Sandra, 225). During the festival, the products may be offered as gifts or sold at a discounted cost. Sampling gives an added advantage to the Cadbury manufactures as direct feedback from consumers on taste, prices, and availability through their comments. Therefore, improvements are made to the limiting factors.

Also, the primary target being children, their media, and online advertisements contain a lot of humor thus making them easily memorable and entertaining to them; this in return creates a craving urge to children which leads to frequent purchases (Dixon, 1320). Use of Cadbury products as gifts and teaching materials in schools creates awareness to children on their existence. Snacks are frequent in schools. Therefore, most students tend to buy the product. Furthermore, use of natural products in the production of Cadbury products has created confidence and loyalty to both customers as well as children. There is an estimate that a single bar of dairy milk has 11 grams fat, 23 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of fat and 3 grams of proteins (Powell, 580). These products are confirmed to be healthy and reduce chances of blood sugar problems besides being a source of vitamin c and lowering cholesterol level in the body. Samples provided to buyers during advertisements tell of the natural taste of milk and cocoa in the bars and beverages. Use of natural products has led to increased sales, unlike some companies who use products which lead to adverse side effects to consumers consequently leading to doubt in the purchase.

Furthermore, advertisements are critical for new products in the market; this creates awareness to potential buyers. The new products may differ from the already known regarding flavor, size and ingredients used. A variety of this provides satisfaction to different people, children, in the market due to their different tastes and opinions. Cadbury Company has implemented this leading to more sales since products are a variety, for instance, there are solely chocolate and milk products differently. Consistency in advertisements of products is also influential to sales since a bigger crowd becomes aware of the product in market and changes that may have occurred gradually in the product (Hellen, 1321). There is also use of Word puzzles and games on the internet where children get to know about the products quickly as they play the games.

Advertisements are of significant impact to the market and the target audience; therefore, advertisements ethics are critical to avoid misrepresentation and misguiding. Unethical adverts include false information, exaggerated information and ambiguous information which is difficult to read and understand quickly. Consequently, consumers shy away from the products after their first time trial in its consumption. Cases of childhood obesity have become common due to food and beverage advertisements which are mainly consumable by kids due to their taste. Cadbury products have been recording improved and increased sales due to consistency in ads, use of appropriate products which are favorable to consumers, and use of factual information in adverts. (1100 words)

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