Analysis of Tesla Advert - Essay Example on Advertising

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Date:  2021-04-20

One of these days, you must have come across Tesla advertising campaigns. Tesla`s advertising mechanism is as unique as its marketing model. A unique thing regarding Tesla-the latest most electric vehicle manufacturer is the strategy of advertising in selling their products that range from $100,000 and sometimes even more. Many companies have tried over the last 40 years to revolve the auto firm and none have reached the level of Tesla. The technique of purchasing a car is somehow the same as it used to be in the past. However, the process has remained incompetent for many years.

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Tesla is brilliantly taking the advantage of this unpopularity to improve the auto company advertising model. For instance, Tesla has no dealers or commissioned sales agents, the Company`s transaction are handled online, and the cars are not aggressively sold, but instead they are marketed. Additionally, there is no inventory- Tesla Model S is designed to order and they came with fixed price, no discount or negotiation. you cannot test drive the car unless you issue a $5000 deposit and finally, you have to wait in line for months or years after making the order to get a car.

Although the unique marketing strategy is working for them, the marketing challenge is incredibly complicated. For instance, they are designing a modern luxury vehicle from nothing, they advertising a unique time of product-an electric car, and they are marketing a car ranging from $60,000 for the cheapest and $100,000 for average cars that cannot go on a road trip. In addition, they must advertise the latest brand of purchase and acquire a car.

Even though Tesla is beginning with the most expensive cars, they obviously focus on fulfilling the Company`s ambitions. They are brainstorm, investing and experimenting to construct a big car Firm. How difficult is it to manufacture and market cars in the United States? View it on this angle: just behind Ford, Tesla comes second as the oldest publicly traded auto Industry. General Motors GM was declared bankrupt four months after Tesla went public. Surprisingly, Chrysler remains silent concerning its own reorganization.

Although, Tesla has a long journey to go before they start realizing its profit, manufacturing cars in large numbers, and heading towards the targeted market, their first domestic designed brand the model S that is a great success in the market. Within a short period, they have scoop auto Company awards with 10,000 -20,000 orders. Tesla is the only startup Car Firm, and its Model S brand to win awards such as Yahoo Autos, and Automobile awards for vehicle of the year.

Model S

The Vehicle Model S is unique starting from how it is designed from the ground all the way to the most exhilarating, safest car on the highway or road. With competent performance produced through the firm`s unique, Model S speeds from 0 to 60 mph within 2.5 seconds, and all- electric powertrain. The vehicle comes with Autopilot features built to ease your road driving by making you to be stress-free and reach your destination safe.

Adaptive Lighting

The brand is accompanied with full LED adaptive lighting. Apart from adopting the already present design, in addition, it increases safety: it also contains 14 three- well displayed LED dynamic converting lights increase safety or light at night, mostly on large highways.

Begin with a Great Product

What comes out clearly from Tesla`s marketing strategy is that it ventured into the most competitive market with a great brand. For instance, just like it contributed to GM`s bankrupt, it would be out of the market if the firm did not manufacture the best vehicles available nowadays. There are multiple challenges, for instance, the absence of road trips and purchasers lack enough knowledge on the brands. Tesla incorporated electric technology to construct a vehicle that cannot be remanufactured with the current existing combustion engine. It has countable moving parts. Interestingly, it is a unique car created and its spacious cargo of any vehicle in its category. It`s a sports car that can carry 7 people.

Leverage Traditional Press and Media

While a lot are still new concerning Tesla Model S more so relating to its marketing and sales model, a sure fact is the reliance on historical media. The Company has been a heavyweight at boosting press review, awards, and coverage for its brands. It`s evident that the Industry has strived hard to rank the products with the trending and tradition media and ensure that the appropriate information came through. The firm`s main objective is that they are pushing hard to create the best ever manufactured and as opposed to the only best electric vehicle. This objective or slogan is continuously displayed by the media.

Create the Community and Concentrate on the Experience

Since its establishment, Tesla has created clients community platform and customers forum a vital part of the internet skills. Tesla advertising explains the promising Tesla purchase and acquisition experience and motivates customers to socialize within the industry including fellow users in the entire public perspective on the Industry`s website. This offers a great platform for owner passion and content on reality for potential buyers.

Tesla Marketing: Likely more Still to Learn

At this point in time, it is still early and many threaten, Tesla Auto Company is the first industry to have the capability to match the Apple brand of the car company. Just like the later (Apple), they are making and selling brands that are unique than what has been in existence for generations. Both firms concentrate on innovation and great products. They are both constructing their own environmental friendly ecosystem. Tesla`s supercharger network is an heir to Apple`s made out of the Apples store and iTunes. Interesting, both the innovation are fighting the traditional sales model with their innovative direct distribution system approach. as a matter of facts, Tesla recruited Apple`s former retail chief to create the latest distribution model.

In conclusion, it is important to acknowledge, that the introduction or venture of Tesla into Auto Company has come with a storm and it is the now the Company to watch. So whatever happens with Tesla is a great marketing and advertising lessons to be realized and are promising to fascinate. But with the growth support by government whole over the world for environmentally conservative cars in kind of exclusion from responsibilities and additional assistance, there is a high like hood that Tesla is here to stay and even expand its size.

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