Women as Sexual Objects in Advertising Products Essay

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Date:  2022-07-25

Sexualization has several meanings that are; giving someone sexual awareness or making something have a sexy look. Female sexualization refers to the feminine gender being used or treated as sexual objects sexualization can be through exposure of mature or young females on social media, products or through advertisements. They are made to put on clothes like bras and thongs while making adverts while sometimes they make sexy poses in the adverts. Sexualization has thus become so common among the young women and has a great effect on social media. However, exposure of female children to sexuality has been contributed to by many factors including their parents and too much exposure to social media (Melrose, 2014).

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Sexualization has certain impacts on people that are involved. Firstly, research shows that the effects of sexualization in media are that it reduces personal worth among the men and women of different ages. Watching pictures that are sexualized for most people will make them have a low self-worth. Moreover, the effect is more on the females than the males since the females are the most sexualized compared to men. People experience the negative impact across all ages who come across sexualized images. Secondly, sexualization is detrimental to people's mental health (Strong & Cohen, 2014). People may tend to have low self-esteem and low self-value. It also destroys people's self-image all over the world despite their different genders and age. That makes children know that their sexuality is the definition of their self-worth.

Thirdly, young girls can be negatively impacted by sexualization thus making them have a negative emotional and cognitive development thus making them have anxiety, depression, and eating disorders thus making them devalue themselves (Melrose, 2014). They then see themselves as just objects as they feel that is the way the media takes them to be. However, a girl is told to dress up appropriately to hide their bodies from men but they still feel demeaned by seeing some of them sexualized on media.

Fourthly, the males are mostly shown that masculinity is the most worth gender t their tender age. Additionally, it taught them that according to their sexuality they have to accomplish their societal norm as they are considered masculine. They thus have to grow up with a little pride in being masculine although they must fit certain standards regarding their physical attributes of what masculinity should be. Since they feel they should be flawless in their physical appearance, they feel more superior to the females which should not be. The males thus care more of their physical looks rather than their internal qualities.

Lastly, some people may use the sexualized images to do sexual activities thus ending people's relationships (Strong & Cohen, 2014). Thus, the impact is negative on most people since. The children too may see sexualized images and start being judgmental on how people of opposite sex look which is not right.

However, there are ways that parents can impact their children to reduce the impact of sexualization. Parents should avoid contributing to the sexualization of their children. Normally, it is very easy for parents unconsciously let their children into sexualization because the current world is accustomed in the sexualization of children. Parents should insist on their children that there is a need for decent appearance especially for the girls (Strong & Cohen, 2014). Also, parents should get ways to stop sexist dress codes in school and impose policies that will help reduce children sexualization. They should investigate other causes of school children sexualization and how they can deal with the issue.

Parents should rebuke all messages in the media that are meant for children sexualization. Some advertisements are so uncomfortable to watch since the advertisers who could be children are dressed like model adults. Thus, parents should not allow the children to do such ads as it exposes them to sexualization. Parents should also teach their children the difference between the expression of healthy sexuality and "being sexualized" (Ward, 2016). With that in mind, the children will be careful about what is done to them. Parents should also pick the positive female role models to how smartly dressed women can also be great. Lastly, parents should teach their children how to value themselves no matter their different sexualities and should stay together as friends, not as sexual objects.


Media should avoid using women as sexual objects especially in advertising products like clothes. If there is so much, need to show how clothes look like they should use dummies rather than real human beings. More so, children should never be involved in making sexualizing ads since it makes them grow with the feeling of selflessness. Social media can also be used to create awareness concerning girls and women sexualization (Melrose, 2014). Through that, most people will know about it and protest against the use of real human beings to make ads. The media should also bring documentaries or shows that object the issue of sexualization. That will help people know that women are misused in the different media platforms which should not be so. There is much need to respect people's sexuality.


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