Essay Example on Principles of Persuasion in Advertising: Consistency, Authority, and Liking

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Date:  2023-10-28

The principle of persuasion is critical is a critical foundation for leaders to succeed in the advertisement process of their company products. The focus is to initiate the need to master the art of persuasion by applying different basic laws to win new friends and influence more people. One of the principles that apply to me, in this case, is the principle of consistency. There are some of advertisements describing the personal experiences of the principle of flexibility that need to be understood as follows;

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FedEx Trucks is one of the advertisements that have been around for many years. The company brand is considered to be almost entirely dependent on suing their trucks to market their services in the market. The brand marketing manager states that, “as you can see these white bug trucks are our way to being more iconic and have become an essential tool driving their marketing of services to the next level.”

The other interesting advertisement is Airbnb, which has strategically put a creative marketing strategy in its ad. The company has displayed the comfort or a perfect picture describing the experience a person may get when they use their services. Notably, the advertisement is considered to be part of the larger campaign that mainly urges individuals not to just visit their dream destination but also live there as well. The main message is that “live there even if it is just for a night.” The content put in their wall entails elements that range from booking the site in advance to get a place of choice.

Spotify is another company that has used its advertisements to consistently remind individuals to monetize their hobbies and sell items on Facebook. Further, the company mainly understands that there are many of its prospective users who have never thought of monetizing their hobby or even open their e-commerce store. As a result, it generally makes the advertisement compelling in that the company understands that audience and also goes for the first-time eCommerce retailers with this type of tempting positioning. This type of advert has not just been done once but consistently with the appeal for both existing and new targeted audiences.

The social-psychological principle of consistency of persuasion as a form of advertisement is relevant since it ensures that people can do as much as possible to be consistent with their words and actions. Further, this may also entail the situation or extent of doing things that are considered to be irrational. Studies also indicate that when people take a stand or go on record in favor of a position, they usually prefer to stick to it as much as possible. Cialdini (2001 suggest that, “In my experience a choice made actively is considered likely to direct them to future conduct than the same option left without speaking on it.” It is also essential to note that the implication for a manager to succeed in a company is evident in that they have to start from their inter management when they want to persuade targeted groups. It will translate to advertising where its application will be a consistent long-term plan in the organization. Moreover, the effective way to present a solid and enduring image to the customer mainly requires the need to maintain a long-term relationship created (Braun-LaTour et al., 2004). Views are underlying psychological processes necessary to understand pre-existing exposure and subsequent interpretation of advertisements to become consistent, such as forming and normalizing relationships with the targeted customers. The persuasion of consistency requires the ability to recognize the power of desire and reinforce commitment by ensuring that it gets a public airing.

The process of advertising under the consistent principle requires an understanding of the communicator's characteristics, the message, and the target audience, considering key situational and contextual factors. The communicator's features using this principle, as evident in the above advertisements, is the level of commitment made active by them (Bernritter et al., 2017). The idea of responsibility is to demonstrate that most people will like the products and feel the desire that the brand would influence them to do in the long run. “The benefit of applying this characteristic as a communicator in my experience is to ensure consistency can direct individuals' future to conduct or take action for their desire” (Cialdini, 2001). The message's characteristic is that it assists in directing and determining the strength of a brand schema. The schema can be considered the consistent need for a reconstructive view of memory, errors taking place for long-standing campaigns.

Enhancing a plan for consistent persuasion in advertising requires the ability to ensure that people are aligned with their commitments by making them active, public, and voluntary. Additionally, these can be achieved through planning for consistent persuasion in the marketing campaign that entails various aspects. Ensure that there are testimonials that would boost opinions and enable targeted customers to like the brand or products (Cialdini, 2001). The other issue is to create dynamic memory processes that strengthen the understanding of the products to the customers. The information used in this case should be able to access explicit measures of memories of people. In this context, the memory created is to ensure that advertising information itself is considered to be dynamic and subject to change. Lastly, determining the reliance on consistency is another aspect that needs to influence people's behaviors for the long term (Bernritter et al., 2017). The concept of establishing this plan by motivating people to start doing their thing for self-image in determining future behavior.

The other principle of persuasion of advertisement is authority, which indicates the need for people to defer in their experts. Authority is critical in providing exposure to the expertise since, in most cases, companies would consider the need to establish their attempt to exert influence. The task for most managers needs to determine the claims for efficiency provided to expose expertise. The other principle of liking is another technique that can be used. This principle will assist in making people tend to have more perceived to be credible beliefs and interests to attract new customers (Goldstein et al., 2017). The principle of the liking factor is critical aspects such as physical attractiveness-based functionality, enhancing similarity to behave like a friend, not a brand. It also assists in creating the conditioning and association between the brands displayed with the same value that an individual needs to community and possess. Nonetheless, the ethical, relevant issues from the advertisement focus on facilitating brand loyalty, making it a strategic plan to strive for consistency. The main concern is to ensure effectiveness in putting up the informed presentation of brand scheme development.


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