Autobiography Essay Example: My Future Plans

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Date:  2022-10-11

Tharun is my name and I was born in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 18 December 2004. My parents were Suresh & Karolina. Both my grandparents have passed away. My grandmother, who was 4 years old, died in 2008 at 65 from lung cancer. She was the victim of her smoking habit. I tried to convince her to quit smoking as a child but she refused. My grandfather, who was 69 years old, died in 2010 after suffering a massive heart attack. This happened right after spain beat netherlands 2 to 1. Fortunately, I was able to stop this bad habit.

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My childhood was typical of the high-class environment in the 2009s. My father was a Q-net computer system analyst, and my mother was a jewellery designer. As an only child, I had a happy, normal childhood. This left me somewhat spoilt. When I was eight years of age, my grandmother and grandfather split up. They remarried about a year after the divorce. My grandfather was married to my grandmother through his death. My grandmother would get married two more times. My grandfather Raghavan was an important part of my childhood and my grandmother would marry two more times.

My grandparents were split and it was easy to grow up with them. They kept me out of their divorce proceedings and got along well at all events. I lived with both my parents until I was 16, and then I moved to high school. My sophomore year of high school, I began to socialize with my friends and get into trouble. This included not finishing my homework and eating during class. Although I was quickly on a downward spiral, I was able to stop myself from causing more harm than good. I moved in with my uncle, and changed high schools and friends until "I won't get into trouble".

The fresh start allowed me to complete primary school without any further incidents. My dream was to graduate in 2020 from Nobel International School High. Even though I was a bit erratic in the past, I always wanted to be a radiologists surgeon. I couldn't do this until I was 18. I decided to spend my time in a sports shop while I studied. I also considered joining the army, which sent me to Fort Benning, selangor, for basic training, advanced infantry, and finally, airborne jump school. It shaped me into the man I am today, that is one thing I'm certain of. I would have been able to get out of my teenage troubles if the army had been there. After this, I was finally ready to go to oxford university. After I was discharged from the military, I waited tables and did some bartending during the lengthy application process to register my name at oxford university. After my studies, I am ready to be a radiology surgeon. I applied to Cleveland Clinic which was the best hospital in America. I also applied for assistance hopitaux publique d' Paris which is the best 9th-ranked hospital in France. This is where I play for the French national football team.

I had hoped and dreamed of being accepted by the assistance publique de paris. Unfortunately, the cleveland hospital didn't want a radiology surgeon due to the number of radiologist they have. In 2025, I was admitted to the assistance hopitaux publique d' Paris. This made me the youngest radiologist surgeon in France.

Already, I was the highest-paid radiologist surgeon in the world. My only problem in becoming a surgeon was not having enough sleep. This made it very difficult and also delayed the surgery. This is due to my medical school experience. I learned that "No pain no gain" and that an alarm would alert me if a patient needs my assistance. I didn't even know there was an alarm until 2 years later. I got mad because i didn’t know there was one. After completing 150 surgeries, I was the world's best surgeon, the best radiologist surgeon, and the best surgeon in the world.

It was amazing. I had everything. But one day, there was a patient with a major heart attack. There wasn't enough doctors to treat this patient. So i took over the operation. After the surgery, people complimented me and raised my salary from 330000 USD up to 667000 USD.

My brother, who is the ceo at a large building company, asked me to help build a home for the orphanage. It might have taken 1 million to build the huge home but it was well worth it. It was like 5 banglos all together.

Before I die, I had a dream that I wanted to meet every football player from Paris Saint Germain. That's it. This is my life.

Every educator has a personal philosophy. My belief has been that anyone can learn as long as they have a teacher who is willing to teach them. We as future educators strive to make every student learn to the best of our ability. In this essay, I will reflect on my journey towards becoming a future educator, my goals and my inspiration. Additionally, I will discuss my belief about what my philosophy was and where it placed me.

When I looked back at my education, I realized that there was a difference between the teachers I enjoyed working with and those I didn't. There have been many teachers, professors and tutors. A willing teacher was one of the things that made learning easy for me. A teacher who is willing to help me achieve my goals. I remember one professor who taught material by memory and didn't follow his lesson plans. I was overwhelmed and feeling defeated. Even though I created study guides, study group, and spoke to the professor, our philosophies did not match up. While I've had many experiences that weren't right for me in education, there have been others that were. I remember Mrs. Burton as a mentor, teacher and friend. I was able to trust her and she encouraged me. She was able break down complex information into manageable steps. It was her genuineness and creativity that allowed me to find the answers I sought.

What inspires you? Inspiration comes from my environment. All the students I have had the pleasure of working with inspire me. These students have been ignored and forgotten, and many of them feel forgotten by others. All students with learning disabilities are my students. They inspire me. My approach to teaching students is authentic and full of vigor. As a teacher, authenticity is very important to me. Trust can be a key ingredient in creating a learning environment that is productive and collaborative.

According to the "What Is Your Educational Philosophy Survey", I assumed I knew which category I would be placed in. With a score 32, I was mistakenly assuming that I would fit in the Existential category. I was told that Progressivists don't focus on teacher or content but rather on students. They believe education should be student-centered and focused on active participation, questioning, experimentation, and learning. This philosophy also includes democratic processes and shared decision-making about curriculum. ( Sadker, 1997). I read through the questions and realized that I couldn't change the result. As educators, I agree that we are here for students' needs and to create a cohesive and understanding class. The class should also allow students to contribute. I support academic freedom and a new way to explain information. "...progressivism is directly contrary to the main thrust educational reform efforts in America in the early twenty first century." (Labar 2005). It's a different way of thinking.


We have discussed my reflections on my education, goals and inspiration to become a teacher. We also discussed how I believed my philosophy was different from the survey's. There are many ways students can be taught in education. To help students understand the subject matter better, we must share our knowledge and experiences.

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