My Biography as a Marriage and Family Therapy Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-21

I am an experienced psychological therapist who understands that marriage and family therapy encompasses the conflict between an individual and the social environment and the methods to control the impact on the effectiveness of an individual's perception. Furthermore, it is my ambition to reduce the psychological pain among individuals through dialogue to enhance the presentation of personal thoughts on the mental conflict of the affected people.

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I focus on developing active, interactive activities with the clients in the office to analyze the significance of interventions using the long experience in the field of therapeutic services. Additionally, I invoke the client's conscience with the skills achieved from the contact with a wide range of victims suffering from various forms of trauma as a result of conflicts within the family and the community, such as war veterans. I have a passion for extra-curricular activities such, which include playing soccer, and martial arts. These activities have helped me to learn about social needs among individuals, which apply significantly in therapeutic sessions. I received a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and is a student of a Master's program in Marriage and Family therapy. Later, I joined the UCDC program after receiving the valedictorian award for the tests as a sophomore.

I have worked with licensed therapists after my graduation from the Degree program as an intern in the Social Welfare Department for three years, which provided me with sufficient knowledge on psychological issues and the need to administer mental health awareness. Furthermore, I concentrated on my practice with a lot of children and adolescents in the social services department as an employee for eight years. This experience has helped me to develop an interest in the role of the family in the psychological development of traumatized individuals. Currently, I am pursuing the certified Master's program to establish a private practice that enhances the quality of services provided to clients suffering from traumatic experiences, particularly, adolescents, rape victims, and mental and physical abuse patients.

Conflicts are a significant component of human life. However, we all need someone with more experience on the solution to the conflict to guide and support us. Lack of psychological and family support exposes the traumatized individual to dangers associated with high levels of stress, which include harmful practices that might result in an unsafe environment for the whole community and even the demise of the affected person. My experience in the field of therapy helps me to guide patients, who comprise of adolescents, rape victims, and mental and physical abuse patients towards the full healing through the perception of an improved self-image and resourceful members of the community.

Therapy requires various approaches to administer the relevant guidelines to solve the clients' crisis. Therefore, my educational background in the field of psychological treatment has provided me with the skills applied in the communication theory, psychotherapy, systems theory, reality therapy, and the McGoldrick-Gerson study to identify the role of the family in the psychological processes of individuals. Consequently, my services rely on a thorough evaluation of the client's situation to determine the appropriate approach to apply with the aim to provide effective treatment. I am a graduate with Bachelor honor of Arts in Legal Studies, and pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. My Legal Studies degree has enabled the convenience in the services I deliver as I approach my clients confidentially to facilitate effective procedures and healing. Furthermore, my persuasion with the Master's program provides my services with the legal practice certificate in Marriage and Family therapy, thus making me your suitable therapist.


Practical experience: 12 years

Graduation institution: Washington University

Year of Graduation: 2009


The cost for a session ranges from $105-$168

Insurance: accepted

Accepted modes of payment: MasterCard, Check, American Express

No cash accepted

Extra testimonials

Membership: Counselling and Mental Health Association

Joined: 2010

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