My Sociological Autobiography Essay

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Date:  2022-03-27

I started taking sociology lessons and I began realizing how my life experiences are greatly redirected by several complicated sociological factors. The lessons have aided my sociological imaginations and therefore I am capable of reconnecting my past sociological experiences in relations to my attitude, behaviors and my social structure. Sociological themes that are distinct in my life include how social class, race or ethnicity, religion, place of birth, social inequalities and gender role socialization. The themes have played a role in shaping my sociological autobiography.

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I came into the sociological world on 19th September 1995, with a long and complicated birth of caesarian. My life started with a large scream, the doctors and nurses in charge, immediately sorted my gender. The doctors looked at me and immediately pronounced me a baby boy. This gender assortment then placed me into the social label that I had no influence in, as a social human being I therefore appreciate the biological concepts and hence I don't blame any human being of their social gender. Since the very day I was pronounced a boy, my parents have been treating in consideration of being a boy. This has made me realize the reason why I put on trouser and not skirts, trouser and not dresses. My parents from my birth dressed me black and white trousers, among few colors, but not colors such as pink which they had thought are ladies oriented. The male gender is characterized by masculine and now I understand why my parents used to give me masculine related tasks and not kitchen tasks that my sister used to enjoy. My parents could buy me toys such as cars and robots, but not kitchen staffs. The car toys then began defining my life; I could envision myself making cars, which nowadays I see to be men oriented careers. Now I understand why my sister could play with the dolls hair and my mum's hairs because, I nowadays see most hair dresser to be women. All the staffs we are introduced in our tender age define what we live interacting with. The staffs I handled deprived me the staffs that are believed to be girlish and gave me what are believed to be masculine like toy cars. Gender role socialization is the gradual process in which an individual becomes either famine or masculine. (Ferris & Stein, 2014)

Ethnicity and Race differs a little bit, race is a socially defined category linked on perceived biological contrast between groups of people. The social phenomenon of being a white comes with certain challenges and merits, it affects anyone around. Racial inequality is an existing social concept that avails individual's different opportunities and resources. I was conceived from miscegeny, my parents are a mixture of English and Indian ancestry. When I was young in my tender ages the disparity was not conspicuous and therefore everyone knew that I was pure white. I went to a private boy's school that was populated with 85 percent white students; I was included in the list. We did the end year evaluation text and our parents came to school help grace the closing event. Everything was well with me in school, till some of my good friends saw my parents, the latter affected my stay in high school life the following years. My classmates believed that I was a white since I had light skin, brown hair and light eyes. The features never featured in both my parents since one was white and my mum was a middle east and for that I was never conforming to them. My mum had a dark skin color; she had deep brown eyes and, dark hair. My very good friends were seriously mesmerized when they saw my parents and for that reason I had to break their silence by telling them that I was not pure white. Some of my friends who were racists began spreading rumor that I was an adopted son and for that I was playing them prank. Unfortunately I lost those good friends of mine because since them they kept on ignoring my presence. This happening changed my perceptions of viewing people. This event symbolizes interactionist perceptions, which implies that human identity sometimes goes through the race. The identity in relation to the race begins on a micro-level. I unknowingly underwent racial passing meaning that my phenotypic morphology shaped the perceptive of my friends such that they saw me white yet I was not. Our lives are not shaped on social context but instead on social factors, due to these social factors the events in our lives happen are intersectionalities. Intersectionalities imply that several sophisticated social factors affect our life experiences.

Social Class is a social inequality that discourse the formation within a society influencing what a person gets and how to get it. Social factor that correlates with social inequality is the social class. This social factor has impacted both positively and negatively in many ways. First and for more my social autobiography has been shaped by my social class. According to the United State of America social class ladder, I can proudly say that I have been natured in the so called middle class family, and am foreseeing my life remaining in middle social class future due to the middle social class factors orbiting around my day to day life activities. This idea of stagnating in one social class due to where we were born is linked to postmodernism perspective social reproduction as per Pierre Bourdieu a sociologist. Bourdieu explains that social is hereditary and is passed from one generation to the other. The only benefit I claim from social class is that I have enriched my culture and this makes my parents happy. The only challenge I am projecting is that I will have middle class education in my entire life and even get a middle class job. This concept of postmodernist perspective will make me explain to my juniors, who are in lower hierarchy of job description, how the concepts have shaped our environment.

Religion is social factor that plays a role in shaping lives of individual. Alternative region shapes the attitude and believe in which people view things that happen in day to day activity. Just like race and ethnicity, region is another social factor that bares negativity and positivity in our lives today. I was born and raised in a religious family. I have grown in church as my religion since I was born, but is still wonder my duties in religion each and every day since it gets complicated each and every day I try to understand it better. Being a kid raised within the doctrines of church, the church has played a critical role of shaping my culture, my feelings and my social structures. When I began thinking about culture what cling in my mind is its definition as the doctrines, believes, values, knowledge, language and material objects that humans share in common and are transmitted from one generation to the other.( Croteau & Hoynes, 2013). Of all the aspects of culture I have come to realize that material culture involves the physical structures that are carried by fellow humans into our believes for example, clothing, tools, toys, housing and works of arts. Social structures include church institution for example Cathedral Baptism Church where I spent my life which defined my durable patterns and routines. The church has made me believe that some things are not right and unethical for example murder, stealing and fornication. The church have also deprived me night peer parties and alcohol, it has made me believe they wrong values of life.

Place of birth is another lethal determinant of my sociological environment. Being born in a certain country, county and locality influences several sociological factors in our live today. Born from wedlock of mixed originality I have enjoyed several merits that comes along side it, for instance it has made me know Hindu culture when I travel to my mum's place in India. It has shaped my multilingual skills. I was born in America and therefore I have been influenced by my relatives in India to claim their originality, something that has been traumatizing my brain since then as a result I have realized that place of birth comes' alongside challenges of sociological factors.

Technology has played a key role in depicting a faster revolving world. Through technology I have interacted with very many peers from across the globe. This has been made successful through the existence of social sites like face book and tweeter and many more. I have also been up to date with the trending world issues at a touch of button making me interact with every moment of my life even when am lonely. Technology has also realized that some website and information are distinct for the general public, family, kids and teenagers including the elderly.


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