First Forward Autobiography. Essay Example on Aging.

Date:  2021-04-06 16:56:33
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Aging is an inevitable stage of life assuming one does not die at an early age. Aging comes with physical and emotional changes, and thus people taking care of the elderly must understand them and give them support (Posner, 2011). I am already an octogenarian I have had a share of the changes that come with old age. Physically I have changed tremendously. My face is now full of wrinkles, and my once lovely arms are also wrinkled. I totally look my age, and one does not need to be told that I am eighty-five years old because it is clearly written all over my face. I have lived in the same neighborhood I live today since my teenage years, and I feel part and parcel of the people living here. I love my neighborhood and all the community members for all those years we have lived peacefully with one another regardless of one's racial background or religion. I now live with my youngest son and his wife together with their two children. I enjoy being around my family and I have a great time playing with my grandchildren, and whenever they are not in the house, I feel bored and lonely.

Currently, I don't work I stay at home. I worked as an accountant for an electronic company in the city for over forty years before my retirement, and I enjoyed my job since from a young age all I dreamt of was being a professional accountant. Professionally I accomplished several feats, but the most outstanding one that I am very proud of was developing accounting software that is still being used by my former employer. Personally, I have also accomplished several accomplishments, but the most notable one is finding the way of peace in my life. I feel comfortable and confident in whatever activity I undertake because of the mental peace in my mind. My hobby is singing and playing the piano. I am a member of the choir in the local church. I can still drive though my eyes are weak I only wear glasses when reading. My hearing is quite excellent, and I do not use any hearing aid. As pointed earlier, I have changed physically, but my height has not changed (Posner, 2011).

I have no major health issue, and thus I am not taking any medicine. The only minor issue I have is that sometimes I feel nausea especially after traveling over a long distance. I rarely travel because it brings me nausea and also because I enjoy staying at home with my grandchildren. I see a doctor once in two months for a general checkup, and I pay for the medical checkup because I earn a total of $1500 monthly from social security and investments from government bonds. The loss of a family member or a close friend comes with a lot of grief and whenever I am bereaved with the death of a relative or a close friend, and I play piano and read poems to get over (Noel & Blair, 2008). I sleep for seven hours daily, and sometimes I take a nap during the day especially when it is hot. I am not fond of reading, and as such, I do not read for pleasure. I exercise quite often, and I do not drink alcohol, and I have never smoked in my entire life. The fact that I live with my family mean that I do not cook. Though I can cook for myself, my daughter in law cooks for me because she loves cooking and she is a stay home mother.

Physically I am very steady, and I can walk for five miles but only when it is not sunny. Honestly, my memory is a little bit low nowadays. I assess my memory when I go shopping alone, and I forget some things that I was supposed to buy. I can say that I am happy with my life because I am healthy and can do some chores and thus I am not a burden to my family. I dont contemplate my death I live each day as it comes and I avoid thinking about death because such thoughts will cause me some mental distress. I have no regrets and guilt feelings about my life and my past because I have an honest life and have enjoyed every bit of life. Over the years I have made decisions some of which I sit down and think they were right decisions and others that I deem as poor decisions. The most outstanding decision that I ever made and I am proud of it is the decision not to take alcohol or smoke. The fact that I do not smoke and take alcohol has boosted my health, and this is one reason why I do not have major health issues (Cicero & Bennett, 2013). On the other hand, I have made some poor decisions, especially regarding my career and family. I concentrated a lot on my career and my family, and thus I have not traveled a lot as I would have loved.


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