Essay Example on Dreams to Reality: Exploring the Bridges to Success Program

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Date:  2023-03-16

For as long as I could reflect, I have always desired to join college and pursue my dreams. From second grade, I have explained to my friends on how it is vital to achieve good grades and reach college. To meet my goals, I require an initiative like the Bridges to Success program. The program is crucial in developing skills in leadership from the service to the society and co-curricular activities. I am excited about my future and I have a feeling that the scholarship program is crucial in enabling me to achieve my dreams. Unfortunately, my family cannot afford to pay for my college education. I am dedicated to complete the Bridges to Success Summer program successfully and became an Achievers Scholar in the Fall. From the provided renewable in state complete tuition award, book stipend, and financial aid will serve to cover my total tuition needs at attending your college. The financial assistance from the program will make my college education and career goals easy to achieve. It will enabstule me to put every ounce of strength and effort in my career and limited thoughts on repaying the loan debts since I have had quite a lot of difficulty in getting high school tuition fees. The Achievers Scholar program will provide more time to learn and study leading to better grades and knowledge retention which will serve in enabling me to continue to graduate school.

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My life took a significant turning point in August 2018. The sole family breadwinner my mother got diagnosed with a brain tumor. My mother is an incredibly strong woman who has had a difficult life. She got pregnant with me from a sexual assault by no-where-to-be-seen dad. After all that, she was determined to make sure I end up a successful and smart man. Before I was born, she was placed in an accelerated program to ensure she graduates high school. All the tribulations that she faced did not deter her from providing me with emotional and financial support when I felt no purpose in life. My desire to succeed in my future is to bring back the smile back to her face. She has grown depressed and distressed from her boyfriends but always there for me. After I was born, she left home and cut ties with her family; hence I do not know any other extended family members. Life has been a rocky road for us which changed my perception and drove in life. Now all I want is to reach the stars and if I do not, I at least reach the moon. She always found means of keeping me in school, dressed and fed. She taught me how to fit into society. My mother has been my superwoman. All my life, all I have known are disagreement every night between my mother and my stepfathers. The constant quarrelling overnight created an overwhelming feeling of frustration, regret and anger.

Relationship roles and responsibilities change after a cancer diagnosis. I became the family caregiver causing difficulty in creating an equilibrium between studying and compensating for my mother declining abilities. The neurocognitive changes associated with cancer were difficult to discern since I was just a teenager. They included memory loss, impaired reasoning and processing, deficits in attention, issues with speech and psychomotor difficulties. I sought more information on the changes as the events unfolded from the physician. During the early months, I was overwhelmed with everything and exhausted form the caregiving causing the limited time to study. My grades dwindled and I started failing. I felt socially stigmatized and isolated and had difficulty to make friends to share work from school and to give me a notification on assignments and school programs. I gave up with almost everything as the savings she had gone to medicine and the doctor's meetings. She was later admitted for a particular care program and I was left to stay with a family friend.

The emotional toll the experience gave made me look to life at a different perspective and I needed to put in more effort to improve on my grade to achieve enough credits to join college. My guardian was not well off but told me she could provide me with a place to place and pay for electricity so that I could study. It was a small apartment with one bedroom which we shared with her five kids and her husband. I came home from school and studied every night till ten at night. I applied for another course to make up for the credit and attain a better grade. I asked another student to help me with areas I was not well conversant with and worked with my teachers to better my credits.


The Bridges to Success summer program stands for what I believe in. Career-wise, your initiative will make me an attractive candidate for jobs. The service to society and co-curricular activities will help me be more selective in spending my free time. I will be able to maximize the college experience in internships, volunteer opportunities and service-learning. The Achievers Scholar award is significant and will be enough to enable me to complete my college education with an attractive certificate. I told my mother I applied for your scholarship and am sure she will smile when I tell her I got it. The way my eyes brighten when I remember everything I have had to persevere is the same way they will brighten when if I get accepted into the summer program.

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