An Employee Performance Review

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Date:  2021-03-19

Giving feedback about a person is one of the most exciting and challenging things to do. Based on the feedback, one can lose his or her job depending on what the feedback is about. I gave a feedback about a partner of mine I was working with in my former organisation. His employee was keen to hear from me about his newly hired employee. ("Awkward Performance Review", 2016)

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It was actually a superb performance that I portrayed when interacting with the employee. My friend depended on me to maintain his image with his employer. This demanded me to put up a splendid reputation about him. This was called for because ruining someones reputation on his or her employee would have serious consequences. His agility was the first thing that I had to tell his employee. My friend is usually very hard working and puts in a lot of effort in any duty he is assigned. His performance is actually very astonishing since I met him. He usually goes extra miles doing his duties and even to an extent of using his personal resources for the benefit of the organization. This shows how selfless he is in his actions and also it shows how dedicated he is in executing duties assigned to him. I was actually pleased with the outcome because his employee seemed to be euphoric with what I was saying about him. This for sure was a plus for him because the employee was nodding at every point. ("How to manage a diverse workforce? 2016)

In my assessment, some points did not seem like they pleased the employer. I mentioned nothing negative towards my friend and this formed platforms for raising an alarm. It was not advisable for me not to point out a few mistakes that my friends did. I only mentioned the positive side of him and no matter how good he was, there were some points that he was totally off. These are the mistake that I should have probably mentioned but give a proper explanation for the mistakes he did. It would probably have boosted his reputation towards his employee. It is also important for employees to make the person doing the performance review comfortable while doing it. This will make him or her to mention everything about the partner without fear or doubts on the reaction from the employer. At times, some people are shy to do such kind of things based on the fear of mockery or a negative response.

People find it hard to talk to some leaders because they find them somehow intimidating. It also important for the person doing the performance review to get in touch with the partner he is going to represent. This will enable him or her to have an idea of what that person has become of late and will give an actual report. In a way, trying to cover up for friends mistakes is not a good act since this may cause a lot of damage to the organization or company that he or she is working for. Some careers are life threatening if not handled well and if someone is trusted with these kinds of jobs then many lives will be lost from one silly mistake. At some certain points, employees can also perform a performance review on their employers personally. This will involve talking to them and asking them questions ranging from tricky questions to straightforward and basic ones. The more, the more delicate the questions, the more one speaks his mind. This will enable the employer to assess how an employee will deal with a certain situation in case of crisis. He is therefore bound to mark the performance of his or her employee based on the way he or she will deal with such a scenario. ("Jack Welch: The Role of HR", 2016)


Leadership is a very compelling value in any organization and as a leader, one should develop necessary skills that should be used in performing his duties. Transformational leadership should be incorporated in any organization for better leadership results. This includes the use of motivation and psychological empowerment on your employees. ("The eight building blocks to organisational agility", 2016)

After analyzing the assessment, some few things were very necessary to be pointed out. It was a good experience and a point to learn too. Employers should use this method as a way to know their employees better. They will be in a better position to question the integrity of their employees without even waiting to find form themselves. Although the integrity of their employees can be highly praised, one note points of weakness in the assessment. Therefore, employers should incorporate this into their system once they get a new employee. It will be a better way to understand who they have brought on board. ("How to Deliver Employee Feedback Effectively by Tasha Eurich", 2016)


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