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The advert is meant to appeal to customers on the ineffectiveness of cable and the benefits of using direct TV. The advert appeals to the customers through personal, family and other elements of life. The advert includes the actual price of Direct TV which $29 and other human costs. For example, the advert implies that delays or cable connectivity drives an individual to frustrations, which causes them to get involved in a competitive game of tennis. The game leads to injuries and an apparent acquisition of an eye patch. The advert goes further to explain the dangers of an eye patch which is a test form strangers of being tough. The end justifies that the customer should acquire Direct TV to avoid all the struggles ("DIRECT TV: "Get Rid Of Cable" - The Full Compilation").

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Label the kind of faulty logic that is being used in the product/service advertisement.

Advertisements are filled with faulty logic and fallacies since they are created to enhance product appeal to the customers. The Direct TV advert contains a ton of loaded words which are meant to express the customer dissatisfaction in cable services. The loaded words included, "blow off steam" which is intended to set a tone of temporary relief and express the tension that comes with cable inefficiencies. Red herring fallacy dominates this advert as the pictures and words are misleading for a customer who finds the advert midway. For example, the tennis competition, the bus scene with strangers and an eye patch. All these facts are misleading and irrelevant to TV-related advert. The advert may lead to a negative conclusion from the audience. Also, the application of the straw man technique in the advert is meant o dispute and oppose the effectiveness of cable TV and services (El Khoiri&Widiati73). Thus, the advert utilizes the aspect of fallacies and faulty reasoning to enhance product appeal to the customers.

The red herring fallacy is the most common scenario in the advert, and my choice for this fallacy is based on the exaggerated picture and information on the advantages of Direct TV. The advert assumes that the audience will be frustrated by TV, which will send them into a spiraling path. The fallacy is misleading since the audience cannot be occupied by TV only given the many life commitments such as career, family, picnics and other ways of entertainment.

Political Advertisement which you feel uses faulty logic.

Politics is sensitive, and it is filled with tons of fallacies and illogical arguments that promote candidate viability. The analysis of Trump's Campaign announcement focuses on the political scenario which is characterized by voter appeal and refuting the opposition's argument. The advertisement is meant to appeal to the voters, and it is meant to project Donald Trump as a viable candidate. The political advertisement is a speech which is filled with illogical statements and factual fallacies.

Label the kind of faulty logic that is being used in the political advertisement.

Victory in an election is based on the majority vote. Trump's introduction speech opens up to a fallacy, bandwagon, which focuses on projecting popular opinion. Trump states that the arena is filled with thousands of people. The fact is unconfirmed since we are unable to see the crowd and the aspect of the bandwagon is utilized to portray that the majority of the voters are on his side. Another fallacy is the straw man who is a distortion of the opposition's argument or position. For example, Trump asserts that the nation has not won against many countries such as China, Mexico. He manipulates the people's feelings and emotions into believing that he is the leader the nation needs to win against the enemy or other countries ("Watch Donald Trump Announce His Candidacy for U.S. President"). The political advert is filled with tons of straw man fallacies which elicit positive public response and support for Trump.

The choice of this faulty logic is based on my personal experience and emotion on the effects of fallacies in the choice of leaders. I believe that society is filled with misleading statements, people and it is crucial to watch out for false tales.

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