Essay on Teaching and Learning Plans in the University

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Date:  2022-06-05


Learning experiences have evolved dramatically with the technological advancements in contemporary times. Lessons have been moved from the classroom and teachers are dealing with students from anywhere in the world at any time using online learning platforms. However, despite the advantages that online learning might have, there are some aspects of acquiring knowledge that can only be achieved through face-to-face learning experiences. In my term as the president of the university, I plan on focusing on reserving online courses for specialized and graduate-level seminars, and advocate for classroom teaching in undergraduate programs. There are various reasons why I chose to implement this plan in the university which I have researched comprehensively.

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Classroom teaching provides room for adequate networking between the students and teachers (Arnold-Garza, 7). Networking is essential in learning as it helps students to brainstorm and work with one another to solve problematic concepts or topics. Although online learning processes have potential networking platforms such as the chatrooms, it is not as effective as human interactions where people get to exchange and share information directly. Classroom teaching also provides room for engagement and focus for the students. Online learning is the same as watching videos or listening to television ads where one hears the message being communicated (Arnold-Garza, 7). I believe that the learning process requires one to listen to the message being communicated and meditate on it not just hearing it. Therefore due to this reason, I chose to reserve online learning for specialized and graduate-level seminars since they are more experienced and have adequate listening and hearing skills hence this type of learning would be suitable for them as they learn in isolation with other students.

The most important learning experience on why I opted to advocate for classroom teaching is the issue of unknown areas that often require further clarification. Apparently, teachers do not discuss everything that students need to know regarding certain topics or subjects. Furthermore, there may be instances of miscommunication or misinterpretation which students are required to acknowledge and the teacher is needed to elaborate further (Banna 3). However, not all the students know about these areas. Therefore, when in class those who are aware and asks for further clarification from the teacher, they provide opportunities for others to learn. On the other, online learning does not offer such an opportunity since students are usually in different environment with other learners. If one student is unaware of any areas that necessitate the teacher to elaborate, they end up with knowledge gaps particularly where the teacher performs this with that students separately.

As the president of the university, I have suggested that online courses be left for specialized, graduate-level seminars for some reasons as well. Apparently, having access to educational contents at any time is crucial in today's learning process. Online learning enables the acquisition of just-in-time knowledge to students in modern times (Omer 9). Students have the opportunity to access learning materials and teachers through the internet at any time. Furthermore, online learning offers the chance to access only the required information and block the additional content. This saves time and resources. Due to this reason, the demand for online learning from students around the world have grown dramatically. Similarly, the advancements in information technology have enabled the supply of online learning to match the increasing demand.


Technological advancements furthermore, have made the acquisition of learning content more affordable than through classroom teaching. A cost or benefit analysis on learning processes would show the disparity in the financial resources spent in classroom teaching and those utilized in online learning. In classroom teaching, one has to pay for the space used by the teachers and other resources such as lighting and teaching boards. On the other hand, in online learning, one only needs to have internet access and pay for the learning materials. I believe that classroom teaching offers more utility regarding learning contents than online courses which is the primary reason I chose to embrace it.


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