Nursing Students: Professional Behaviour & Dressing Well - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-22


Professional behavior in nursing is a set of values that are important that help improves the methods, standards, and judgment that help the nurse do activities well. Professional behavior helps the nurse to possess skills that are important at any stage. This behavior shows the flexibility of a nurse to speak clearly and self- reflect on practices and actions.

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A nursing student can exhibit professional behavior in some ways, and this includes dressing. Dressing well includes having an ironed uniform, good personal hygiene, clean shoe, uniform well fit, and clean fingernails. A Nursing student should place on properly. Proper grooming help to bend, move, and even lift easily when in care of a patient. Good grooming help improves the confidence, responsibility, and satisfaction of a patient. A positive attitude is otherwise to exhibit professional behavior. A student should portray a positive attitude towards the patient as this makes them feel compassionate care of a nurse. This attitude is when there is no burnout, there is a good relationship with other students, and no situation at home or any other place is not interfering together with your workplace. A positive attitude helps to develop a sound mind and reduces mistakes by the student nurse and increase the morale to work.

Students can show competence to exhibit professional behavior. The ability helps the nurse with the facility to fulfill his or her role. A nurse can demonstrate proficiency by having traits that are useful in performing duties and having knowledge, skills, attitude, thinking ability, and values that may require in several contexts of nursing. Competence protects the general public and improves the profession through professional growth and development. It also helps to give the most effective possible treatment to the patients. Cognitive factors should develop to indicate professional behavior by the nurse. With this, students have the power to continuously study the professional conduct and apply the knowledge gained within the working environment. Student nurse performs different tasks, from the clinical experience, they will learn through continuous learning. Continuing learning by the student nurse is achieved after they contribute to practice, policy, education, and knowledge developments by engaging in various exercises.

The student should possess a professional demeanor. A student ought to bear in mind that behavior is also judged either positively or negatively by others. With this, they ought to know the advantages of behavior management, communicate confidently, be within the behavior that makes others comfortable, specialize in behavior improvement, and recognize behaviors that will hold you back at work. A student should avoid the use of offensive gestures, remarks, intimidation, and even when recording any communication without the party being aware (Rani et al.,2019). A professional demeanor is essential as it assists the learner in keeping up emotional balance irrespective of the circumstances and also helps to grasp a way of dealing with difficult people. They also help the student nurse to learn how to deal with individuals from different cultures, social and ethnic backgrounds.

Professional behavior could be a style of etiquette in the workplace that demonstrates a commitment to effective performance in a very given line of duty. A student nurse should exhibit professional behavior within the nursing profession. This behavior includes proper dressing like good personal hygiene, well fit the uniform, and short, clean nails. A student ought to be competent, have positive attitudes, and also possess a professional demeanor.


Rani, S., Hussain, M., Afzal, M., & Gillani, S. A. (2019). The Influence of Personal Characteristics of Preceptor on Professional Grooming of Nursing Students. Health Sciences, 8(5), 86-95.

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