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Date:  2024-01-09


Working on the same goal with another person gives an individual the motive to finish on the objectives set. I set similar goals to my mom regarding my diet since we dine together most times. We ensure that we serve fruit before the main meals. Regarding the other goal, I will buy oranges and mangoes alongside vegetables in the grocery store to keep them locally available at home. I will take one of these fruits between classes by setting a timer and alarm as a reminder. While taking my lunch at the college, at the convenience store, I would purchase a blended apple juice. Also, I will use the ingredients to make homemade soup since it is healthy. Apart from that, I would be blending my fruit juice or purchase canned fruit to eat. It would ensure that I have a constant intake of fresh fruit.

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Family and Friends

I keep interrupting with my smart diet goals since my friends keep interfering with it. I would not wish my friends to see me as a downer. It is the same reason that I fail to resist their request to join them at the nearest restaurant for drinks and food. In most instances, it is challenging to resist; hence it results in taking other diets not planned for.

Addiction and Learned Responses

One of my objectives was regulating sugary foods and diets. However, I find it challenging to restrict how I take foods having sugar. The latter is addictive, white powder, and an easy to obtain diet that begs a person to continue taking more. Due to this reason, the obstacle becomes a challenge for me. In most cases, for example, during breakfasts, it is challenging to forgo it, despite knowing that it falls against my goals. It keeps creeping back to my diet.

In the future, I will resume eating slowly to identify the moment I am full and satisfied. Regarding the interference of my smart goals by my friends and family, I would set be keen to order the foods having my target nutrients and diet. I will avoid taking the drinks offered by requesting a fruit instead. Also, I would plan on the specific days where I would request my family members and friends to go out. The latter would not sound rude, and it would assist me in meeting my goals.

Also, I would integrate fun meals to my dietary goals to avoid struggling with the ways of meeting them. If I am struggling, I would not be able to eat healthy diets; I would be eating for the sake of satisfying what I have decided. This would not be helpful at all. The aspect would curb my incapability of controlling my sugar intake.

Smart Goal

I chose my smart goal of taking more than five servings of vegetables and fruits per day or twice per meal. To track whether my proposed strategies would succeed, I integrated servings of vegetables and fruits to every meal that I take to ensure that the aspect of 2 servings in each meal was satisfied. According to the MyPlate 3-day average report, I managed to make several changes. My sodium intake decreased to 340% of DRI from 700+%. My dietary fiber raised to 82% of DRI from 56%. The reason for this was that I replaced high sodium desserts with servings of vegetables and fruits. My dietary fiber increased following my increased fruit intake to 2.3 cups (91%) each day from 0.7 cups (29% per my goal).

Even though my vegetable intake raised, it did not improve as planned or expected. However, it increased to 2.5 cups each day (63%) from 2.2 cups each day, which is 54%. Despite the advances I have managed to accomplish, the diet change affects my total calorie intake adversely. In my earlies diet, I could consume 92% of DRI calories. However, regarding my current diet, the intake decreased by 14% to 78%.

It is not a terrible impact since I can raise my vegetable/fruit consumption per serving or shift the serving size of every meal included in my diet to maintain the diet changes' positive influence per my intake goals. If I was capable of altering or making the changes to my real diet, I could be meeting all my goals, especially my goal of 2 servings of vegetables and fruits each day. Using the smart goals, my fiber intake raised by 6 grams daily, which is 89% of my goal, and my calories shifted by 100 each day, which is 103% of my goal.


There are numerous reasons why it is difficult to eat a diet having appropriate food groups and nutrients. First, most beverages and low-cost foods are readily available. Most of these types of foods have high calories, salt, fat, and sugar. The aspect of how these foods are advertised and marketed also draws challenges to me. I am incapable of controlling foods with sugary components. Despite this, most foods have complicated and complex nutritional information that is challenging to apply and comprehend.

Also, most individuals like purchasing junk and processed foods. It becomes a challenge to trace whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, and quinoa. Additionally, it is impossible to access protein-rich foods that are plant-based, like nuts, legumes, and soy products. Even though I met my smart goals, the issue of eating habits is a challenge for me. It is difficult to follow the context I eat, why, and whom I eat with due to matters arising from my friends.


The grocery store should provide plant-based proteins such as soy products and legumes. The latter have low fats and calories. Additionally, they have higher essential nutrients and fiber, which I intend to gain. By taking diets heavily loaded with these sources of proteins, I would be able to boost my daily nutrient profile.

Most restaurants offer soft drinks like soda, among other beverages. I would like them to provide fruit juice such as pineapple, mango, and orange juices. The latter can boost the immune system, reduce cancer risks, and eliminate toxins from the bloodstream. Fruit juice helps to lose weight and digestion. In most cases, they have similar health benefits as the fruits and vegetables they are extracted from.


I would like to see new products and menu in the restaurants because the existing disregards the importance of taking limited sugar and fats. The nearest restaurant cooks its meals with many oil and fats, increasing a person's calorie intake. Despite that, most of their drinks have much sugar, which is harmful to or health.

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