Date Three Days of Eye Sight - Essay Sample

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Date:  2024-01-11


If I recovered the eyesight something I wished my whole life to have, I would utilize those three days as they were the end of life. This would be the golden chance of my life being like other people and enjoying sight something that I have never done. It would be a confusing moment of my life as it would be something that does not last forever. In those three days sleeping would be something that most likely I would avoid the most.

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Being in the dark for a long time I would not try to close my eyes but rather enjoy the view of things every second, without wasting the golden chance. First, I would take a mirror and check on how I look with a big smile on my face. Being given a chance to view the world in black and white something that I have never got an opportunity to, I would visit all my friends and family members and sharing the experience.


I would wait for the sun-rise and sun-set and enjoy the view in the sky dazzling red in the three days, without losing a single moment of the experience. Moreover, I would take that chance and lay on the ground counting the stars with my friend and making wishes, as well as viewing the moonshine in the dark. As I love nature and animals within such a moment of chance nature would turn out to be my best friend. One I would plan a trip to visit some of the best zoos and parks and enjoy the animals feed and play with each other. Second I would at least visit the ocean and see the waves move towards the beach, and go fishing as I like the ocean a lot. Having the power to see would give chance to see the fish swim deep into the water and see the different types of fish and sea animals.

Furthermore, some of the events that I would not miss are the color festival that indicates the victory of good above evil. This event would give me a chance to view the different colors in the world, and how it feel seeing them. The event would also give me a chance to enjoy seeing different artwork that I have never seen. The Lollapalooza event would be an event that I would attend and see some of the best musicians I like, interact with people, and learn about different cultures and how people dress. Finally, I would attend the New Year’s Eve at times square and have a view of the colorful fireworks in the air. And also watch the huge multitude eagerly waiting to welcome a new year.

Golden Chance

Moreover, I would take that golden chance of visiting the cinema and watching multiple movies and shows, with my friends and enjoy the chance for granted. History has always been my thing, thus during this big moment, I would visit the Colorado Mesa Verde National park and see the cave curved homes that the Ancestral Pueblo lived. Navy Pier in Chicago would be somewhere else that I would not lose the moment without visiting and enjoy the water from Lake Michigan and beautiful gardens around the place.


In conclusion, I would take all the possible chances to at least have a look at anything I have wished to see for the whole of my life. During this moment all that I would do is opening my eyes wide and letting nothing pass by without my view. For the three days most of the time, I would be getting along with people and relish their smiles on their faces. I would not think of closing my eyes at any time during the three days, as it would be payback for all the things that I have never seen in my life.

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