Alpha Level: Education Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-27

Do you agree with these alpha levels? Why or why not?

I agree with the alpha level since the study is a social science and it is possible to lose 5 out of 100 students on issues related to sickness or death based on the sampled statistics. Social science deals with people, and it is difficult to isolate the variables which affect the outcome. In this study, the researcher has examined the medical trial of cancer treatment where he performs the statistical test, and the results are that 1 out of every 10,000 patient succumbs to severe illness or death. The decision concerning the alpha level may be different especially if it is associated with social science and hard science. In social science value of .05 is typically used since one compares the results of maybe students. In this regard, one is satisfied with losing 5 of the total 100 students or having incorrect results in 5 out of 100 times. Furthermore, social science statistics suggests that losing 5 out of 100 students is possible. However, if a similar experiment is repeated using an equal number of students using the same method in a different location, it is possible to obtain different results altogether (Adams, Popma, et al. 2014). The reason for this difference is that it is highly challenging to achieve the same results since variables relate to a similar dependent variable. Such variables include individual students, teachers, the surrounding community and the schools socioeconomic. The difference between hard science and soft science is the aspect of how one can be a robust test, state, reject or accept any given hypothesis (Adams, Popma, et al. 2014). Therefore an exceptional alpha value of 0.70 is considered very acceptable and more reliable.

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What if your child's education and the teacher assigned to him/her would be successful 95 out of 100 times?

Having a child's education and teacher assigned to the child being 95 out of 100 is highly possible since the teacher and the child are likely to develop an interpersonal relationship. The result of the study indicates that the confidence level is 95%. Therefore, the z alpha/2 level is 5% (Jeltema, & Profumo 2016). In this case, the alpha level of 0.05 indicates that the confidence level is 95%. A confidence level indicates the value range of the population parameter about the population mean. In this case, the confidence level of 90% indicates the average success level and the intervals contained in the real average cost.


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