Nursing Professional Statement Example

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Date:  2022-06-06

My desire to pursue Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP) degree has been due to the fact that there are critical shortages of nurse educators. According to Keating (2014), there is an urgent need for research, evidence-based practice, and translational science in nurse education. For this reason, it is my aspiration to further my studies through a DNP degree so as to acquire scientific knowledge that I will impact on my clients to bring positive changes to the world. Through DNP, I will be able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an astute professor. I will, therefore, gain the required knowledge which will assist me in conducting extensive research in the field of nursing. Further, DNP will help me to enhance my leadership ability. I will, in turn, use my leadership prowess to nurture young students who aspire to be successful nurses. To achieve this, I will professionally use evidence-based practice in providing leadership to the upcoming generation. Also, the DNP program will enhance my professional development as an expert in mental health. Imperatively, this will enable me to have an edge in imparting knowledge to my students as their professor.

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I possess the requisite qualities of a good nurse practitioner. In fact, I have good listening and observation skills. These skills will enable me to accurately assess and judge the behavior and reaction of patients. In addition, I am a rational person who will use both inductive and deductive reasoning skills to positively impact my patients. It is also important to note that I have the willingness to spend more time educating patients and their families about diagnosis and treatment of various ailments. Moreover, I have a good breadth and depth of knowledge and experience regarding nursing practice. As a matter of fact, I have gained relevant experience from many hospitals, schools, and rehabilitation centers that I have worked for. Additionally, I am a strict adherent to high standards of professionalism which helps me to maintain a healthy relationship with patients. Furthermore, I have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills which enables me to provide the best assessment and care to clients. Also, I am diligent and attentive to details. Imperatively, this enables me to avoid skipping essential steps or making errors when treating a client.

DNP will have positive ramifications as far as my long-term goals are concerned. It will help me raise awareness on the existing numerous cases of mental conditions that affect children. According to Santiago, Kaltman, and Miranda (2013), there are many children who suffer from mental conditions and do not receive treatment as they do have private insurance that covers mental health. This puts their life in great danger of suicidal attempt. Therefore, I will use my experience to champion for preventive services such as early risk identification and intervention in children. Just like children, some adults also do not receive the required treatment for mental illness due to poverty. Thus, DNP will aid me in developing the best initiatives for increasing the number of adults accessing standard treatment for mental conditions. To achieve this, I will integrate general and behavioral healthcare so that early clinical manifestations are identified and treated. It is essential to note that I am a true champion of eradication of women abuse. Straus, Gelles, and Steinmetz (2017) acknowledge that most women in the US are victims of domestic violence, a situation that requires intervention. For this reason, I will use the skills that I will obtain from DNP to not only identify women vulnerable to violence but also provide the requisite health care services such as HIV testing, antenatal care, and so on to them. Finally, I will use DNP skills to promote mental health awareness across continents, especially Africa. Through my skills, I will create awareness, provide emotional support, and treat mental clients with mental conditions in these countries in order to mitigate stigmatization in African countries.

I am cognizant of the fact that your institution has an outstanding reputation in the academic world. I believe that your school will provide me with the best skills as far as DNP is concerned. I also know that your school has respected scholars who have vastly contributed to the nursing field. I hope you will consider giving me a chance to further my education at your reputable institution. I have served in various capacities within the health sector. For instance, I have volunteered as a worker at various rehabilitation facilities and as a community worker. I have also served as a laboratory technician at various health centers. Additionally, I have a special talent in time management and work schedule. It is also prudent pinpointing that after my Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, I served as a lecturer in mental health matters in various universities. I, therefore, possess the ability to connect with students and impart knowledge on them on mental health-related issues. I believe that pursuing DNP in your institution make me a complete and effective nursing practitioner and educator.


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