How to Create a Descriptive College Essay Outline With Example

How to Create a Descriptive College Essay Outline With Example

Published by on 2021-06-30 17:51:17

A descriptive essay is a classic type of assignment you might often face during your educational process at high school or college. Although this paper doesn’t require doing precise and detailed research, it is still considered too difficult for thousands of smart and diligent students. 

If you are one of them, it’s time to grab some fresh tips on how to conclude a descriptive essay within the shortest terms. Our pro writers are ready to share their secrets for composing a perfect paper and choosing the most fitting format of descriptive essay. By the way, don’t hesitate to start using our pro service if you need assistance with completing this challenging task.

Should You Develop an Outline for a Descriptive Essay?

To begin with, let’s clarify the number-one features of this paper. It is an advanced type of writing that supposes developing a broad and complex description of a particular solution. The object of your assignment might be a place, a person, an event, or a feeling. You will need to become a literary artist and represent bright writing that appeals to the reader’s imagination. When writing this essay, you shouldn’t be afraid to show off your viewpoints, ideas, and feelings. This simple trick will help you create flawless writing with top-notch descriptions. 

But what is a descriptive outline? It is a skeleton for your academic paper! If you would like to get a more comprehensive definition, here it is. An outline is an advanced plan or the basis of your writing. This is also an extended schema of your essay, where you will need to represent a descriptive essay thesis along with the most striking facts and examples. Each point of this plan should be clear and precise, as well as suit the main topic of your essay. Anyway, you are expected to show off your writing and analytical talents, as well as impress the readers with superior descriptions. 

Descriptive Essay: Top Features 

  1. Central topic: all your arguments and facts should be tightly connected with a chosen theme.
  2. Sensory specialties: appeal to the imagination and feelings of your readers and make your writing engaging.
  3. Metaphorical writing style: add more adverbs and similes to make your descriptions more influential.
  4. Precise writing tone: all the words and phrases in your essay should be accurate and fit the main idea of your paper. 
  5. The facts’ schema: all the ideas and examples should correlate with each other. 

Outline for Descriptive Essay

The Most Effective Outline Schema for Your Essay

Coming up with an excellent paper’s structure is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Here is a schema you might use for creating a descriptive speech outline in a matter of minutes:

1. An introduction:

  • a sentence that contains a striking hook;
  • basic background data;
  • thesis statement.
2. Body paragraphs:
  • a basic sentence; 
  • sensory specialties;
  • advanced details.
3. A conclusion:
  • a description of all main points in short;
  • clincher statement. 

How to write a thesis for a descriptive essay? This question is one of the most burning ones for many young minds. Fortunately, the answer is as simple as a piece of cake. Make sure this piece of writing is short, precise, and clear-cut. 

A Handy Descriptive Outline Example You Can Use Right Now

If you search for a handy sample on a writing plan for your essay, you’ve come to the right place. Discover an outline on the topic about your best friend below. 


  1. Topic sentence: My best friend Sara has a bright individuality. 
  2. Basic background data: Although I have many mates, Sara is my best friend. We palled up in childhood and have been friends for over eight years. 
  3. Thesis statement: She is communicative, sincere, and loyal.

Paragraph 1

  1. Topic Sentence: Sara is a very kind girl.
  2. Support 1: She loves her younger sibling very much and takes care of her. 
  3. Support 2: Sara is a dedicated friend who has never left me in trouble. 

Paragraph 2

  1. Topic Sentence: Sara has an excellent sense of humor.
  2. Support 1: She is incredibly smart. Her jokes are very funny and don’t hurt anyone. 
  3. Support 2: Sara uses her sense of humor to resolve any disputes and get people to feel easier. 

Paragraph 3

  1. Topic Sentence: She is honest and reliable.
  2. Support 1: Sare has never turned her back on me.
  3. Support 2: She never lies and prefers to be sincere in any situation.


I’m very glad to have such an amazing friend. I can easily count on her even during the darkest times. She taught me to remain positive and happy no matter what.

How to Compose a Winning Descriptive Essay? 

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