20 Best Human Resources Research Topics

20 Best Human Resources Research Topics

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A human resources research paper is a type of essay, which is focused on the management of human resources and is conducted in the form of a scientific investigation. At this point, it is inevitable to highlight some features and specifications of the paper that may simplify the writing process or create extra problems:

  • HR research topics may vary a lot, while the structure and specifications of the paper should remain the same;
  • human resources research is a systemic and well-organized paper that is aimed at objective analysis of certain aspects;
  • the purpose of the study is to analyze certain facts that may contribute to the effectiveness of the task accomplishment and advancement of knowledge;
  • the overwhelming majority of human resource research topics are associated with personnel issues.

Additionally, it is inevitable to remember that an HR paper is not a review or a creative essay, but rather a deep and profound scholarly investigation based on relevant data and credible evidence. 

If you have never had an opportunity to work on this type of assignment before, you may find it challenging and exacting. However, with the proper preparation, you will have a unique chance to simplify the process and make it enjoyable. What should you start with? How can you opt for a valid human resource research topic? Look through the simple tips that will draw you closer to the desired results, guiding you through the writing process. 

Top 5 Most Important HR Research Features to Mind

Human resources are an exceptionally valued asset in the contemporary world. Consequently, it is one of the most discussed topics among college students who are fond of studying business, management, psychology, or a range of other subjects. If your professor has never assigned a similar task, you should still be aware of it, as you will have to conduct deep and profound research anyway. 

HR Research Topics

Due to the rapid development of technology and the advancement of various industries, the demand for qualified HR specialists is continually growing. Experienced managers who strive to work with the best employees pay ultimate attention to the student’s interest in the HR studies. Consequently, learners who strive to work in similar spheres should make a maximum effort to craft an impeccable research paper and stay relevant in the market. 

Do you want to stay competitive and professional, conducting top-quality HR research? Here are several peculiarities of the work that may help you not only select the best topic but also craft an impeccable paper worth appreciation: 

  • a human resources research paper is objective but systemic. It highlights the writer’s qualifications and attitude towards the subject, but still preserves a flawless structure;
  • it is performed methodically;
  • HR research is not a spontaneous study, but rather a well-planned activity; 
  • the main feature of the research is the simultaneous participation of numerous specialists; 
  • the research should be practical and inexpensive.

Human Resource Topics for Research Paper: How to Make the Right Choice

There is a plethora of human resources research paper topics offered online, which means the student will not have to think long in order to select the proper one. However, it is indispensable to remember that every type of academic writing, including the human resources research paper, has a specific purpose. 

While some works are aimed to prove the already existing theory, others focus on possible answers to the understudied questions. Additionally, one should remember about the third goal of the HR research work, which is to advance the theoretical awareness and practical skills of learners. 

Once you define the purpose of your study, you should proceed to the structure of the topic. Investigate the field to single out different aspects of the issue and plan your work. At this point, it is critical to answer several questions:

  • What subfield of HR management do I want to dive into?
  • Will I explore the existing topic or develop a new theory? 
  • What topic is the most interesting and important for me? 

As soon as you manage to answer all these questions, you may proceed to the prewriting stage. Analyze the existing sources of the information, do deep research, and get an opportunity to formulate the most logical, accurate, and consistent topic that will help you come up with well-structured, meaningful, and relevant research. 

The Examples of The Human Resources Management Topics for Research Paper

With the rapidly growing employment market and the increasing importance of HR management studies, it is not complicated for a college student to single out the topic which will be both interesting and academically valuable. 

Human Resource Research Topics

General Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics

  • Top 10 factors that can advance the loyalty of the employees. 
  • Advantages and drawbacks of recruiting from colleges.
  • Why should the company cover the education fee for its employees?
  • The significance of freelancers for the development of the company: various aspects of the question. 
  • How to help a new team member adapt smoothly. 
  • The character type and the efficiency of work: the way the employee’s functioning may depend on the personal traits. 
  • Hiring an HR manager: how to select a true professional and make no mistake?
  • Why is it critical for the workers to be satisfied with the work conditions? 
  • The availability of daily childcare in the company boosting staff performance. 
  • Abuse and harassment in the team: how to eliminate different forms of deviant behavior of employees. 

Interesting Human Resource Management Research Topics

  • Effective tips on how to resolve the most common conflicts in the workplace.
  • Professional skills vs. personal traits of character: what is more important for teamwork?
  • Online interviews and their efficiency.
  • Time management as a critical tool for the development and growth of the organization. 
  • Yearly performance test: an optional or obligatory experience? 

The Most Relevant Human Resources Management Research Topics

  • How to communicate emotions in the workplace. 
  • The way wages influence the productivity of the staff. 
  • Basic criteria of the employee’s efficiency. 
  • Key features and specifications of the new labor laws: the articles you agree and disagree with.
  • How to protect personal and company data working online?