Technology Journey

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Date:  2021-03-06

Technology has transformed dramatically over the years and is still changing. Not only has it changed but also people are being more exposed to it as years pass. In addition, the portability and the types of computers have advanced over the years. However, as these changes take place, the use of computers and computer applications is expanding as well as diversity of research areas in which they are applied. The technology journey has been well received and supported by various leaders and people in the society because of its positive impact.

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I started working with computers in 1997. However, they were very scarce and it was common for more than one user to share a machine. This is not the case in the modern society because of advanced improvement in the technology. Therefore, I managed to get my first computer in the year 2003. Unfortunately, in 1997 schools were not too focused on technology in their syllabus. There was no computer class in elementary class but it was in middle class. However, computer class was once a week and we used to be taught just basic studies such as practicing typing, drawing, noting among others. Moreover, in high school, computer classes were more advanced because we were taught more complicated basics such as creating web, blogging and power point.

I was exposed to various programs and software such as word, excel, power point, in college. I really liked them because of their convenience in my assignments. For instance, it was very easy to type and save my school document using word and calculations were made more easily and organized by excel. Additionally, it was easy to present and use pictures during presentation with the help of power point. Therefore, it was very exciting to have that opportunity to use computers at school.

I do not remember much about how my teachers used technology; this is because I did not have a chance to practice. Nevertheless, they just used hands-on experience while teaching us the basics of a computer. Windows was the type of operating system of the computer that I had. However, they were not as advanced as those used in the modern days.

I used technology for personal use. For instance, I used to Skype call and email people for both formal and informal purposes. More so, I used technology to search for information and to read various materials. I also used technology for recreation purposes such as watching various television programs and movies. I got my first e-mail account in 1997.

It is so amazing how technology has transformed our daily activities as well as our social life. It has made life less complicated and fun to live. I now use technology every day and cannot do without it. This is because it makes my life and work to be easier.

Although technology has had its disadvantages, I have seen it connecting and bringing people together. This has been made possible through the use of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. Additionally, nowadays I find it very easy to get answers to various questions and in retrieving information on current affairs through Google. I believe technology is among the best innovation that has ever happened because of its various uses. This is because it can be used in schools, hospitals, banks, industries among others.

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