Technology Essay Example: Uses of Quantum Computing

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Date:  2021-04-02

One of the current emerging high technology trend is quantum computing; this is the technology that would help in solving problems that tend to be computationally too difficult to solve for the classical computers. In this regard, classical computers can operate on various platforms not only the 1s or 0s as the classical computers. There will be various uses of the classical computers and one is that, it would be used to improve the safety of the airplanes; this is because the classical computers that are currently employed in the airplanes are ineffective in identifying problems in the planes. In this manner, quantum computing would improve efficiency and safety of airplanes. Secondly, quantum computing would be used to improve GDP of countries through its hyper-personalized advertising which would help in stimulating consumer spending thereby increase flow of money in economies. Finally, this technology will be applied to improve precision in weather forecasting which will then help the population to make the right decisions with regards to harsh weather.

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Impacts of Quantum Computing

There are also related impacts that quantum computing will bring to civilization and life as well. One of the affects is that quantum computing will help in reducing travel time; this will be through the improved sophisticated analysis of traffic patterns both in the air and on the ground to foresee traffic snarls and bottlenecks. The second impact would be the improvement of technology of detecting cancer where the technology would result in the reduction of cancer death by enabling early detection of cancer and diagnosis of the same at an early stage. The final impact of computing technology would be the improved healthcare because the technology would enable medical researcher to develop more effective drugs. This technology would provide a platform of mapping amino acids, such as for the analysis of DNA-sequencing data, which will enable doctors to discover and design superior drug-based treatments.

Differences and Changes Quantum Computing Will Make

There will be various differences that will result from the inception of quantum computing where one will be the improved sophistication in the development of computer applications and software. Such is because the computer would require special programs such as Shors algorithm which was invented by Peter Shor; this would then necessitate advancement of technology to develop programs that are compatible with quantum computing. Another difference is that cryptography, that is purely beneficial and highly relevant in the current times, obsolete because of their expected lack of relevance upon inception of the technology. Finally, the technology would eliminate weather-related accidents and tackle the current cases of drought and starvation because of its ability to forecast weather with high precision. In this manner, drought and starvation will be a thing of the past.

Harmful Effects of Quantum Computing

There are several harmful effects that could result due to quantum computing and one of them is the loss of service jobs, this is because the inception of technology could lead to elimination of various roles as a result of true speech recognition in the new technology. The technology aims at introducing the best fit of voice and meaning which would make it hard for customers to know that it was a computer. The loss of jobs could have detrimental effects on the economy where there would be related social and economic impacts. With regards to politics, the technology would lead to a change of the style and kind of politics as it would provide an avenue for winning elections. This is because campaigners would use the technology to comb through reams of marketing information and take advantage of the individual preferences of the voters; this will affect the political arena in a negative manner and affect putting concerns to issues affecting the citizens.

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