How to Write a Sociology Research Paper Outline: Tips and Examples

How to Write a Sociology Research Paper Outline: Tips and Examples

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If you checked sociological research paper examples before reading this article, you most probably thought it was going to be a twofold assignment. On one side, for example, a sociological analysis paper seems very exciting and new. On the other side, though, the same assignment can confuse a student significantly. Still, no matter what type of research paper you need to complete, the first milestone for you to pass by will be the same: an outline.

Without a sociological research paper sample outline, it will be much more difficult for you to complete that long-distance run. Keep that in mind while reading the following article. It does not concentrate on explaining how to write sociology papers only but shows how to create a skeleton, a plan helping you to navigate through the assignment and complete it well.

Writing a Sociology Paper: What’s That?

Crafting a worthy outline won’t be possible if you just check sociology research paper examples quickly. They can show you the result your professor expects you to provide, but no sample can let you understand the process. To find out how to write a sociology paper, you need to take a detailed look at two definitions. Here they are:

  • Sociology – it is a science studying societies, their structure, development, and functioning. So, when looking for sociology paper ideas, don’t forget to include social components into it. Simply put, the idea should touch on any subject or phenomenon covering particular social groups or society as a whole.
  • Sociology research paper format – it may seem tricky, but it is still an academic paper. That means the structure and formatting rules remain almost the same: thesis, intro, body, conclusion, facts, arguments, and some other common words apply to it. Important differences exist, too. They will be mentioned and explained below in this article.

Although everything is familiar enough for any student, completing a worthy paper won’t be too easy. Still, if you keep up with the following guidelines, the assignment will take much less time and effort from you than it potentially could in other cases.

Sociology Paper Format and Structure

Sociology essay examples can be good to catch up with the general concept here. The most widespread format is APA. MLA is less popular but is still used in many schools to format sociology term papers, for example. Some professors can also ask you to use the Chicago style.

In terms of formatting, everything depends on the requirements stated by your professor. So, you should read them attentively. And of course, do not be afraid to ask your prof some questions if the requirements are unclear. It is better to find out things beforehand than to format your assignment wrongly, isn’t it?

The structure of any sociological research paper sample you could find is understandable and familiar to any student who wrote at least one academic assignment. It includes the intro, the body (three or more paragraphs), and the conclusion.

  • The intro contains three things: it states the topic, shows the purpose, and reveals the thesis statement.
  • The body is the main part of your research paper. Feel free to divide it into as many paragraphs as you need, but make sure to provide one argument with supporting evidence and background information per part.
  • The conclusion is usually the shortest but not least important part of the research paper as it underlines the outcomes of the entire work. Here, a professor expects you to make a summary of results and to offer further development or possible discussion directions. Additionally, the conclusion ties up all arguments and proofs together to avoid any inconvenience.

Coming up with a solid outline would be impossible without understanding the sociology research paper structure. Now, it is time to discuss the types of outlines frequently used in this case.

Sociology Research Paper Sample Outline Types

Three main kinds of sociology paper outlines are post-draft, conceptual, and traditional. Each type has its features we are going to discuss below. It is up to you which type you’ll choose for your research paper.

  • Post-draft outlines suppose a student to write out the main points of their future topic coverage. This means you do not structure the future paper at once but include elements as they appear in your mind. The key is to gather all the main info and set it up beforehand. Don’t worry: you’ll organize things later.
  • A conceptual outline is about originality and out-of-the-box thinking. A concept isn’t written down here. Instead, you draw a scheme. It’s up to you how you present it. For instance, your central topic can be placed in the middle of the page with the sources connected to it from the left, arguments supporting the thesis to the right, and a conclusion at the bottom part. Displaying logical connections with lines may be comfortable here, for example.
  • Still, the most popular outline type is the traditional one. It is structured according to the future research paper you are going to write. So, there, the introduction, the body parts, and the conclusion appear at once. In an outline, your goal is to “pack” every structure element with bullet points reflecting the key contents you are going to include in it. Simply put, it’s the same as the sociology essay format.

Sociology Research Paper Ideas: 10 Topics to Consider

Here are some topics for sociology papers you might want to consider when choosing your future research area. These ten sociology paper ideas touch on different aspects and problems of societies, including families, Internet groups, professional development, food, health, and more.

  1. How Divorce Affects a Child
  2. The Reasons for Social Media Popularity
  3. Should Society Distinguish Professions for Men and Women?
  4. Solving Sex Issues Among Teenagers
  5. Fast Food and Its Effect on Society
  6. Is Marriage Outdated?
  7. The Role of School Teachers in Nurturing of Children
  8. Patriotism: What Does It Mean?
  9. Blogger: Is It a Profession?
  10. Health Problems of Modern Societies and How to Solve Them

So, does at least one sociology research paper topic above suit you? If yes, feel free to use any of them to craft the original paper on your own. In case you didn’t find something you like, it would be clever to use the sample topics as references.

Sociology Research Paper Example Outline

It will be spectacular to choose the most popular outline type for you to see the relevant example. Here below, you’ll see how to come up with a worthy outline through good sociology research questions suitable for any topic. In the following case, let’s choose the topic from the list shown above. Idea #9 suits perfectly.


  1. Topic – Blogger: Is It a Profession?
  • Thesis – Blogging is a profession.
  • Goal – to prove that blogging is a branch of activity actually requiring professional qualification to be successful in it.
  • Body Paragraphs

    1. Argument 1 - Qualified writing/video editing skills.
    • Evidence: to attract readers, top bloggers/vloggers (for example, Maxwell Ryan and Rachel Aust) create top-quality content correctly and interestingly.
  • Argument 2 - Target audience analysis and adjustments.
    • Evidence: bloggers need to monitor their audience and choose their blog’s content accordingly.
  •  Argument 3 - Payment and net worth of the industry.
    • Evidence: companies are ready to hire bloggers and pay them a lot as professionals.


    1. The summary – the research paper covered the qualification and earnings of modern bloggers.
    2. The outcome – regarding the skills required to become a successful and well-paid blogger, blogging can be rightfully called a profession.

    To Sum Up Sociology Research Paper Outline Writing

    So, when you need to write a sociology research paper outline, it is worth taking your time and putting in enough effort to craft it well. It is an extended plan of your future assignment that will be extremely helpful if you want to make it straightforward, logically connected, and complete. That’s how you get your highest grade.