Paper Example on Ethical Issues that Surround the Use of Drone Warfare by the United States

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Date:  2021-03-25

Annotation. Ethical Issues that surround the use of Drone Warfare by the United States.

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The enhanced warrior: drone warfare and the problematics of separation. (2016). Retrieved 29 October 2016, from Pages 1-40.

Related to ethics

With the advances in technology, we can say that computer scientists have outdone themselves. New technology is becoming better and more efficient by day that machines used in the last 5 years are obsolete in the current day. Recent advancements in technology involve coming up with drones that have found their application in the security sector. Needless, to say the war drones will bring a lot of ease in warfare but the main question is; regarding to ethics, where do these war drones stand? These war drones pose adverse violation of ethics and call for a critical review of the same. This article is relevant to me as it will help me to see this issue for what it is rather than what they are fantasized to be.

Paraphrase of authors point

The author evaluates the current use of war drones. They are rapidly finding their use for military purposes. The article goes on to expound on why these drones are gaining popularity and the advantages that come with them. One, for example, they have precision and timeliness that cannot be matched by the best soldier. Secondly, the fact that they do not put the lives of soldiers on the line gives them a definite win. The article seeks to dig deep into these war drone, how they operate, their advantages, disadvantages and limitations. These smartly weaponized remains a grey area to most people and ought to be expounded on to give people a clear picture of what they are dealing with. The problematics of separation involves all the challenges that are faced and posed by the physical operation of these drones. What drone systems are used and are they efficient, valid and reliable in the least. If not, what improvements can be made on the same?

Three annotation questions with relevant quotes

What chance do the security personnel stand against these drones?

As much as the war drone improve the quality of warfare and are superior to human soldiers, we need to determine whether the soldiers services will be relevant anymore and if not what will become of the current soldiers. In relation to ethics, these war drones will render a lot of people jobless and increase the rate of unemployment in the country; this will have an overall negative effect to the economy. As much as these drones will be efficient and adequate for enhancing the nations security, we need to pay attention to the effect it has on security personnel such as: detectives, police officers, army, undercover cops and even private investigators who can easily be replaced with drones fixed with surveillance cameras.

How will these drones handle decisions that need emotions

I understand that these drones are capable of establishing a war and feeding the controller with information that they need. However, in war, even the most ruthless warriors have to make decisions and judgments based on emotions. Like for instance, one can show mercy to the enemy once they give in but having in mind that these drones are not fitted with human emotions

With increased use of war drones, will warfare lose its intended meaning?

Come to think of it, drones are more like video games where a gamer sits behind a screen and control the events inside it. How is this so different from the drones that are controlled by IT experts who are miles away from the actual fight? This reduced the seriousness level of wars and might soon become something that people do for the fun of it.

Useful sources

Ackerman, S. (2013, July 2). US drone strikes more deadly to Afghan civilians than manned aircraft adviser. The Guardian.

Bardzell, J. (2011). Interaction criticism: An introduction to the practice. Interacting with computers, 23(6), 604-621.

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