How to Write Anthropology Research Paper: Steps & Good Topics

How to Write Anthropology Research Paper: Steps & Good Topics

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Many tasks can seem very difficult or even impossible, especially if you have no prior experience. Fear sees danger everywhere. Let's say you have to write a research paper, and you don't know where to start. Should you panic? The answer is no. Anthropology is the science that studies the physical, biological, social, and even cultural aspects of humanity in the context of the evolution of races and nationalities.

How to Write an Anthropology Research Paper: Basic Steps

Start With a Good Outline

The main reason why you should write a good outline is to organize all your ideas about a topic or thesis. When writing an anthropology research paper you should follow a logical or chronological order. Try to arrange topics, subtopics, and all possible supporting details, including hooks. This is important to ensure that all the collected data looks holistic and reveals your assignment's essence. Once you've done a good anthropology research paper outline, you can move on to the next step and not waste time.

Make a Thesis Statement & Intro

Imagine that your introduction is a travel brochure, and you have to describe what awaits beginners if they step on the trail. Your opening paragraph should clearly describe your plans and intentions for disclosing the topic. Then, tell everyone about your key goals, arguments, and future examples. For starters, you can focus on anthropology as a science and what it can do for humanity. Here is a list that is important to follow to achieve a solid thesis statement:

  • your thesis should contain one main idea;
  • you should firmly outline your position and area of discussion;
  • get focused on a specific research field;
  • create a flexible thesis to maneuver between facts.

When you complete this stage, it will be much easier for you to collect your thoughts and focus on your research. Of course, you can rewrite your intro dozens of times, but the overall concept and purpose should be clearly articulated in the early stages. Only in this case can you achieve good results.

Creating the Body Part

This is where your creative freedom begins. The point is that you can change your task structure as many times as you like. A leopard cannot change its spots, but you can! Follow the general structure and adjust each paragraph if you think the main topic should be presented in a specific way. You can even quote trusted sources. But it's best if you use indirect quotes to enhance the originality of your paper. Try to use one thesis statement per paragraph.

Tables and Figures Matter

Want to know how to write an anthropology paper like a pro? Then you should add figures, tables, and even graphics if that helps explain your goals or validate your claims. Any task should be based on facts and not on empty statements. Next, do a preliminary web search or create your content to make your paper better.

Time to Show Results

So you've done tests and research to get a consistent assignment. It's time to present the results of your work. Present what you have found. Follow the steps outlined in advance. You can display your findings in table, chart, or graph format. Choose an option that will help validate the correctness and effectiveness of your research. If you have conducted experiments with a control group, then you will need to prepare a report. Please provide all the data and conclude it.

Strong Conclusion Is a Must

This is the final stage of your research. It's time to take stock and wrap up all your arguments. Describe your results. Have you been able to reach your ultimate goal? What observations have become significant for you? How can your assignment be valuable in the context of science? All of these questions can be important in the final stage. But you have to be laconic. It is not necessary to retell everything that you wrote about in the body paragraphs.

Good Topic Ideas for All Students

A good dress is a card of invitation, as well as your topic. The fact is that the final result depends on your choice. Try to be proactive and find an area that will allow you to conduct successful research and not spend a lot of time looking for information. Here are some good anthropology topics that you can use to create a great paper.

Top 50 Topics You Should Pay Attention To

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Such topics are always very relevant as you can dive into historical layers and find many interesting facts. In addition, this is a good opportunity to show your professor that you are ready to seek any info and always get to the bottom of the truth. So here's what you should pay attention to:

  1. The ancient Sumerian traditions and main cultural patterns.
  2. Old mystical rituals and the attitude of people to death.
  3. The chastity system and relationships before marriage.
  4. How did different cultures view clothing and jewelry?
  5. Can the anthropological structure of Roman society be analyzed?
  6. The cultural attitudes towards tattoos, scars, and body modifications.
  7. Does the place of residence affect the cultural values of a person?
  8. How did religion and belief in supernatural forces develop in African countries?
  9. The influence of ancestors and history on the cultural aspects of nations.
  10. The main cultural patterns of the ancient tribes of Tanzania.

As you can see, these are good options to start your research. In addition, you can make some changes if you want to touch on new aspects or shift the emphasis towards little-researched information. It all depends only on your imagination.

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

This section deals with the physical characteristics of the human body. You can concentrate on hereditary patterns, genetic changes, or body characteristics. Choose the topic that will help you uncover the physical aspects of modern science and prove your judgments in practice:

  1. The eugenics and key research patterns of our time.
  2. Can albinism be hereditary, regardless of race?
  3. Physical deviations and anthropological patterns.
  4. The achondroplasia and other deviations in modern society.
  5. The influence of physical aspects on the migration of ancient people.
  6. Physiognomic factors of modern evolution.
  7. The analysis of the physical concept of the development of the human brain.
  8. The main factors of physical dominance in social groups.
  9. Is it possible to study the physical changes of a person using ancestral analysis?
  10. The progressive eugenics and modern anthropological trends.

Now you have more options to help you get started with your research. But first, concentrate on the narrower aspects so as not to waste time on well-known info. Second, pick a niche without a lot of scientific evidence. Then you will feel like a pioneer and will be able to surprise your professor.

Anthropology Topics Examples on Evolution

Evolution is a great feature of the modern world. You will be surprised to learn how much a person has changed over tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. This is a great opportunity to pick a good topic and start writing. You can find many reliable sources and even conduct a comparative analysis of the facts.

  1. How fast is the evolution of human intelligence?
  2. Is it possible to systematize the criteria for sexual selection?
  3. What is the fundamental difference between human and animal brains?
  4. The basic chromosome changes and evolutionary cycles.
  5. The influence of climate on the rate of human evolution on Earth.
  6. How does natural selection work in the modern world?
  7. The early life forms and major evolutionary patterns.
  8. The differentiation of chromosomes and a set of unconditional genetic atavisms.
  9. How has evolution changed human society?
  10. Can the red queen hypothesis be proven in modern society?

As you can see, any anthropology research paper example can be exciting. The main plus is that you don't have to dwell only on humans but also on animals. So choose the field of study you like best and start writing.

Rituals Anthropology Research Paper Topics

The main plus is that this science focuses not only on the physical but also on the social and spiritual aspects. For example, why is the Voodoo cult so popular? Can a parallel be drawn between totem worship and ritual stones? All of these topics are very interesting, and you are guaranteed to enjoy your search for information:

  1. How did magic and science combine during the days of ancient civilizations?
  2. The main rites of Easter Island and ceremonial sacrifices.
  3. Were the Aztec's bloodthirsty savages who practiced sacrifice?
  4. Linking voodoo culture to idolatry.
  5. What is the difference between shamanism and soul transmigration?
  6. Are there common patterns in the ancient rituals of different African tribes?
  7. The role of the community in the formation of spiritualistic rites and rituals.
  8. The influence of religion on anthropological change.
  9. The marriage rituals of the ancient Incas and the modern inhabitants of Mexico.
  10.  Anthropological background of sacrifice rituals in ancient Sparta.

So, the ball comes to the player. An immense space of possibilities is open before you. Rituals and religion are a strong symbiosis that has been characteristic of humanity for many thousands of years. Choose any religious movement, myth, or superstition, and you have an excellent springboard for further exploration.

Unique Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Sometimes you don't have to stick to a template or choose trivial options for your assignment. Anthropology is such a multifaceted science that you can generate unique topics faster than you can count to ten. So here is a list that will not leave any student indifferent:

  1. The ancient gift-giving traditions and rituals of African tribes.
  2. Was polygamy normal in ancient Rome?
  3. The folklore and traditions of the ancient Celtic tribes.
  4. The mystical rituals of the Scythians and Sarmatians.
  5. Healing practices and anthropological progress.
  6. How did symbolism develop in Viking religious beliefs?
  7. The influence of social networks on anthropological patterns.
  8. Interior elements and their influence on the cultural characteristics of the Victorian era.
  9. What role did women play during the Paleolithic period?
  10. Can patriarchy and matriarchy be considered biased forms of social organization?

As you can see, these are quite interesting topics that will allow you to have a good time and learn a lot of new information. The main plus is that you can find many reliable sources for data collection and statistical analysis. In addition, you can transpose the results of old studies and use general techniques to create focus groups.

Tips for Writing a Top-Notch Anthropology Research Paper

Here are some helpful tips to avoid mistakes and maintain high quality. If you are interested in high grades, then you need to consider all aspects. All the tips below will help you overcome all difficulties and get great results.

Organization Is Key

Do not forget that a research paper is a rather complex and multi-stage task that cannot be done a couple of days before the deadline. First, make a list and follow all the points. Next, start with a rough draft and mark all the key aspects relevant to your research. Finally, jot down all your thoughts and take notes to not miss out on important data.

Brainstorm an Outline

You need a skeleton for your paper just like a house needs walls. Look at other anthropology papers examples on the Internet and try to make a rough list of all the subheadings and paragraphs. You can even make individual notes to make it easier for you to find important information.

Use Indirect Quotes

Sometimes a quote can explain your train of thought better than a few paragraphs. That is why it is so important to find reliable and trustworthy sources. But you shouldn't copy entire sentences because the originality of your task may be very low. Use indirect quotes. Try to rephrase each sentence, keep the original meaning, and not forget to indicate the source.

Proofread and Write Your Final Paper

Once the basic stage is completed, you should put on the Sherlock Holmes mask and analyze every word as if you were investigating a crime. Find all sentences with errors and inaccuracies. Your task is to become a temporary editor who ruthlessly deletes and rewrites any paragraph or sentence that seems unconvincing. This is the only way you can achieve the perfect result.