Essay on Ecology Issue: Energy Conservation

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Date:  2021-06-18

There is a need for people to be able to balance the rate at which they consume energy with that which they conserve energy that is produced. The more the global demand is increasing, the more energy resources are being depleted. The United States is the best-known country concerning power consumption. To establish a good method of energy conservation countries but engage themselves in the production of the renewable source as well as the green sources of energy.

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Various energy rules should be set in different countries so that to regulate people on how they use their energy. These policies should be formulated in a manner that even in times of crises they are still functional. When people believe that there is limited energy at their disposal or the rate of development is low, they will, in turn, make sure that there is full development of the available energy resources. It will enable them to reduce their demand for the energy but instead try their best to conserve it more.

For example, the United States experienced a phase of energy crises from the year 1973 to 1978.This made them realize that they were so dependent on other countries for their oil. To be able to solve the situation a federal energy office was formed by Nixon and later he created a Federal Energy Administartion.This helped in the formation of laws were able to regulate the entire public as well as those people using energy in the private sectors on the rate at which they used the energy. The primary objectives of his plan were to ensure that new technological methods were implemented which would help in the energy conservation and also the environment was not polluted. The high rate was caused mostly by the transportation sector. A lot of energy in the US was used for transportation both by the commercial and the private vehicles. The policy required the manufacturers of trucks and cars to be in a position to meet the standards of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy, which was under the Act of energy conservation.

The rate in which energy is consumed depends on the living standards of people, the size of land is available to them, population density of the place and the alternative energy sources they have at their disposal. Alternative energy sources include the use of coal though it is highly discouraged since during its production process it emits harmful gasses into the environment such as carbon dioxide and also leaves behind huge depressions on the land.

In conclusion, to be able to manage energy consumption people must look at the transportation sector, the industrial sector, residential as well at the commercial sector. Countries should introduce natural gas reservation methods. Countries should adopt the use of nuclear energy, use of renewable fuels such as the hydroelectric power, use of the biogas or the solar power energy which is generated by the solar power panels. The government should ensure that the pipes used in the transportation of the fuel energy are in good condition and cannot cause damage to the environment. It is everyones responsibility to help in the conservation of energy as it can lead to an economic crisis in a country.

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