Recruitment Methods and Interview Questions

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Business agencies and human resource managers adopt various strategies in the recruitment of new staff for both existent and new positions in the firm. The methods used largely depend on the company financial capability and area of coverage or network and even the urgency of the vacancy. Examples of methods used include; advertisement on local dailies, publication of internal memos for internal referral and personnel promotion, government job centers use and enlisting vacancies on recruitment agencies.

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Job Advertisements

This is a common method of recruitment that utilizes the advertisement space in the local print dailies and online platforms. In order to attract a diverse the right kind of individuals to recruit, the firm has to advertise in well-known but specific trade publications and internet website platforms with a known record of high rates of traffic. The information in these publications and advertisements include the location of the job, the title of the position or vacancy, a comprehensive and concise description of the vacancy, the expected compensation packages and information on how to apply for the job position.

Internal Circulation and Employee Recommendations

The firm can also release bulletins that alert the current staff of the availability of the vacancy. The purpose of this recruitment method is to enable individual employee within the organization attain promotions and advancements and also provide opportunity for referral by other staff members. The referee employees have a strong relation and knowledge of their referrals making the method suitable for isolating the most suitable candidates for a given position. In other cases, staff members are advanced bonuses for appropriate referrals. This method comes with the advantage of saving the recruiting firm the financial costs involved in the paying for advertisement in other platforms.

Recruitment Agencies

These agencies are appropriate in sparing the recruiting company the hassle of the first and basic screening of external resumes and profiles submitted by the potential recruits and the validating of references and their qualifications. The recruitment agencies specialize in particular areas and charge fee for the provision of this service.

Social Media and Other Online Platforms

Social media remains a resourceful recruitment method since it enables worldwide connections at an affordable cost. Owing to the changing pattern of global technological advances, this method is viewed as suitable way for reaching massive groups of potential recruits and comfortably isolating the desirable characters.

Government Job Centers

This method is part of the governments effort to render services to their citizens through provision of job offering platforms. The government departments utilize both online and physical platforms in the recruitment and training of potential recruits. Companies and other business firms advertise their jobs in this area for no charges. (Davis, 2016)

Interview Questions

Designing of interview questions is an important aspect of the recruitment process after the prospective recruits have been identified by the recruitment methods. Lately, it has been established that the recruitment of the appropriate staff is not limited to the academic qualifications of the individual but also other inter personal and social skills. Of the questions designed in an interview by the interviewing there are behavioral-based and situation-based questions.

Behavioral based questions in an interview have been figured by interviewers to be very effective as they address key areas of the potential recruits adaptability, ambitions, analytical thinking capability; ability to establish effective relationships, business systems thinking capability, conflict resolution and general communication skills (Forster, 2005); Such questions include:

Ambition and determination

Describe an idea or project that was implemented due to your efforts, and the role you played. What were the results like?

What are some of the activities you have done in your previous job that directly portray your hard working will and capability?

Have you ever found yourself in a moment of work where there was close supervision to achieve the tasks objectives? How did it turn out?

What are some of your most recent personal projects? What is the drive behind your involvement in it?

What kind of challenges did you come across in your previous service attendant work? How did you handle these challenges?

Analytical Thinking

Describe a specific moment when you employed your good judgment skills and logic to come up with a solution to a challenge.

Have you ever been engaged in an activity that required great level of precision to accomplish the objectives? How did you handle this situation?

Have you ever found it necessary to analyze information and come up with recommendations? Describe the process you went through and state possible the motivation behind it.

Business Systems Thinking

How do your goals as a room service attendant contribute and impact the firms goals? What are these goals?

Describe a politically complicated work scenario where you operated.

Situational-based Interview Questions

These questions attempt to review the prospective recruits capabilities to counter and coexist with the various situations in an ideal work set up. Some of the situational interview questions include:

How would you handle the scenario of resistance to your efforts in pushing forward a new policy at work?

What would you do if the actions and efforts of a fellow attendant in work are not up to the required firm standards?

How would you handle working with a colleague with whom you do not have a great or successful work relationship?

In order to ensure that the recruits are chosen upon a genuine interview performance, an interview scoring guide is designed to help countercheck the feasibility of the interviewees responses. Standards and markers are used to gauge the indicated performance for a possibility of further engagement with the prospective recruit concerning the job position. (Forster, 2005) An example is as illustrated below:

Competency Final Individual Scores Group Scores

1 2 3 Interpersonal skills Reasoning Self-Management Decision making Problem solving Oral Communication Total score Source: Bureau of Human Resources, US Department of State


The effectiveness and success of recruitment process is therefore dependent on the factors described above, that is, proper recruitment methods and well target and assessed interview questions. During the recruitment process it is vital to pick the method that is cost and coverage effective for the business firm. The process must also be able to effectively isolate the strongest and most suited candidates for the interview. Within the interview behavioral and situational responses by the prospective are vital in determining their suitability for the position to be filled. Above all it is important to withhold certain business operation aspects that would help enhance the firms productivity. For instance, in the recruitment of a room service attendant, the communication skill and behavior of the recruits are vital and must be dominantly positive for the prospective recruits.


Davis, S. (2016). Recruitment Strategies & Methods. Retrieved 16 October 2016, from, V. (2005). Checklist for Effective Interviews. Legal Information Management, 5(02).

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