Essay Sample on Unhealthy Relationship at the Workplace

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Date:  2021-07-17

The kind of relationship at the workplace is not a guarantee that it turns out to be perfect for coworkers and managers. For instance, an unhealthy relationship is typical in an occupation when there is a lack of respect for each other, lack of proper interaction, trust, and collaboration in task accomplishment as well as in decision-making. As a result, the above characteristics influence the physical health behaviors negatively such as personal relationship, exercise, sleeping pattern, socialization and eating patterns (Mastroianni & Storberg, 2014). Communication breakdown between co-workers and managers due to the use of abusive language leads to misunderstanding and lack of concentration at the workplace. For example, it is hard for a yelling manager to pass on instruction to his juniors effectively. More so, mistrust causes tensional working environment. Therefore employees lack calmer and relaxed atmosphere to discharge their daily services.

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It is true that seeking advice from social media, television, self-help books, radio talks and magazines provides incomplete information on relationship matters. In this context, I will base the argument on the Forbes contribution on "how to improve relationship at work," a post on 1st December 2014. According to Nicholas Liloia, an author at Forbes, it is important to avoid prejudgment to reinforce positive environment at the workplace. He also adds that it will help to eliminate gossiping among coworkers. Additionally, it is significant to pay attention to what your colleague is talking about rather than create an assumption that aims at digging deeper to what they mean in their conversation. More so, Forbes advice bases on making rapport between coworkers as one of the best ways to create a healthy relationship. In this case, hanging out with coworkers is the appropriate way of understanding and appreciating colleagues. It bases on another belief that huge quantity of work characterizes today workplace hence need for rest (Nicholas 2014). From the above argument, it is factual that the advice given is not sufficient enough to establish healthy relationship since it lacks aspects of diversity, equality, and fairness at the workplace. According to Ruth Mayhew, Diversity at the workplace is a necessity to any business because it is a direct manifestation of the business success and public image. Employees stand to gain mutual respect at the same time the company reaps the best out of the employees' efforts. Besides a good reputation for the company, diversity leads to a wider base of exposure through borrowing of technology and diverse working cultures. Thus, healthy relationship leads to better ways of resolving conflicts as well as result in equal and better employee remuneration.

To improve the advice given by Nicholas article at Forbes, it is important to recognize workplace diversity because the population of employees comes from different cultural backgrounds. It implies that achieving a healthy relationship will call for a common ground that appreciates other cultures to establish respect. Diverse cultures bring different perceptions on the table that aim at achieving similar organizational objectives and goals. Consequently, it leads to growth and development of an individual through work experiences. Apart from recognizing diversity, exercising equality at the workplace is essential in nurturing the organizational culture. A conducive environment that is free from prejudices helps to observe ethics in carrying out its operations. Lastly, Nicholas could have also stressed on the team building so that to enhance collaboration in accomplishing assigned tasks. According to Wendy Leebov, a founder and a partner on language caring, team building reduces work hostility through the creation of zero tolerance policy (Wendy 2017). Therefore, team building is a fundamental element of creating a better working relationship.


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