How to Write a Capstone Project Outline: Format and Template

How to Write a Capstone Project Outline: Format and Template

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A capstone project is a type of academic writing that is not assigned frequently. Having a lack of hands-on experience, students always want to know how to write a capstone paper to get a top grade. In a nutshell, this assignment is a culmination project that aims to examine the skills of learners and the knowledge they obtained. It is a very important type of work as it showcases how good a student knows a particular subject. Usually, it's assigned at the end of a year. 

Writing a capstone paper, undergraduates have to analyze a problem, find information, conduct experiments, analyze their findings, and present outcomes. Since this type of academic writing involves a lot of different stages, it's impossible to write a perfect project without a thorough plan. Since a structure is a foundation, it's vital to develop a professional structure first. A capstone paper outline can batch a complicated task on milestones. This post will help you discover how to get this type of assignment done. Also, you will find a sample capstone project outline.

Main Stages of Capstone Project Development

You have to understand how to do a capstone project if you want to write a top-tier outline that will help you write a perfect paper. In most cases, tutors foresee the opportunity for students to pick a topic by themselves. By choosing a subject, a learner can research a topic that is interesting for them.
Writing a Capstone Paper

When a topic keeps learners engaged, the quality of work increases. A student has to submit a 200-word pitch to a tutor. They need to describe a chosen topic briefly and tell why they need to pick it. If the proposal is approved, learners go to the next stage. 

Research is a crucial part as it is responsible for information gathering. Using the accumulated data, students come up with certain decisions that they present in their papers. The writing process implies a lot of different stages that have to be noted in an outline. Undergraduates need to analyze all the gathered information and present their findings in the capstone project. Learners also need to mention all the literature used for conducted analysis. In most cases, they also need to prepare a presentation to share their findings professionally.

Understanding how to write a capstone research paper will discover how your project has to look like when it will be completed. Having a strong understanding of what types of work should be done, you will create a top-notch outline.

How to Create a Capstone Project Outline

If you know nothing about creating a capstone outline, it's recommended to spend some time surfing the Internet to discover how to write papers' structures. Don't be shy to review the samples to understand how a perfect outline should look like. Also, you can find a template. It will help you create a top-notch structure by updating the pre-built structure.
How to Write a Capstone Project

Note, a structure can be different, depending on the provided instructions. Therefore, you have to read and understand all the requirements for your paper, as they may affect the outline of your assignment. If there are no specific instructions provided, follow the structure below.


The first heading that you have to write after the title page is abstract. It's a summary of your paper that doesn't exceed the 300-word limit. With the help of the abstract section, people can read a brief description of your research. They can discover a reviewed problem, learn more about analysis conducted, read about findings and outcomes. It's recommended to write it after finishing a paper. Writing the abstract last, you will be able to create a perfect summary of your research. 


In the first chapter of a capstone project, you have to hook a readers' attention and present a received question. Feel free to write about the main topic in more detail and tell why it is important to research it. Also, you can specify the question on what you want to find an answer to. In this block, you have to write a thesis statement. The introduction should also imply the literature review to tell readers about already conducted studies on the reviewed problem.


The body section has to imply three major elements that are methods, results, and discussion. In the methods chapter, you will be required to describe how you conducted your study in more detail. You can write about the ways of data collection. The result chapter should present your findings. They also can include charts, diagrams, and graphs. If the information obtained can be inaccurate due to any possible limitations, you ought to keep readers informed.


In conclusion, you need to restate the reviewed problem and tell readers about the outcomes briefly. Also, you need to explain what the obtained results mean and how they affect the industry. It's vital to tell about all the findings, even if some of them don't match your overall capstone project's outcome. If there are any further studies required, don't forget to notice it. 

Capstone Project Outline Format

There are no multipurpose capstone format rules that can be applied to any project. You have to check the instructions provided by your instructor to create a paper that matches all the requirements. In case you didn't receive any directions on how to write a capstone, format your assignment following the standard rules.

Capstone Outline

For starters, you need to pick the proper page properties. You should pick a single-sided page with the size of 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Write using the 12pt. Times New Roman font. The entire text has to be double-spaced. All chapters in your outline should be arranged in the hierarchical structure using the numbered list. The main headings need to be marked by roman numbers. First-level sub-headings need to be marked by letters.

  1. Body
    1. Data accumulation
    2. Analysis
    3. Outcomes
  2. Conclusion
  3. References

In case you already gathered a lot of information about your research question, you need to create a detailed outline that will help you write a comprehensive project by following the roadmap. Down below, you will find a thorough sample capstone paper outline that you can use as a base for your project creation. Don't forget to update it according to your needs. 

  1. Abstract
    1. Short description
  2. Introduction
    1. Thesis statement
    2. Problem presenting
    3. Why is it important
    4. Goals of the project
  3. Literature review
    1. Existing researches on the problem
  4. Methods
    1. Methodologies applied
    2. Ways of data collection
  5. Results
    1. Findings
    2. Summarized outcome
  6. Discussion
    1. What do the results mean?
    2. How do they correlate with previous findings?
    3. Possible limitations that could affect the results
  7. Conclusion
    1. Thesis statement
    2. Outcomes supported by evidence
    3. Is there further research needed?
  8. References

Concluding Words

If you don't know how to write a capstone project, you must start gaining your skills by creating an outline. It's a base that can help write a well-thought-out paper and not exceed the word limit. The information from the post above will help you discover how to create a professional capstone structure, even if you're a freshman who does it for the first time. Having no experience writing this type of academic work, you need to show your project outline to an instructor and get it approved first.