Data Security in Companies

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Date:  2021-03-12

Manufacturers are using different methods to ensure the security of tablets. For example, they provide the option of a user setting passwords which can be used to prevent access of malicious individuals to the tablet (George, 2008). The password option will ensure the tablet remains locked each time and only accessed by few individuals. Moreover, manufacturers install software that is important in helping the user and the owner of the tablet to be able to track the tablet in case of activities such as the tablet being stolen. The tracking ability enhances the location of a lost tablet. Other manufacturers ensure that the device is protected below the operating system as they install mechanisms that can help check the tablet when applications that have malware are installed and assist in the removal and wiping out of the malware. Furthermore, manufacturers in the development of the tablets ensure that they support data encryption which is a protective measure from an access of data and manipulation of the data.

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Access to business networks can cause a jam that slows business activities. Thus, it is important for the companies to secure their network to prevent any malicious intentions from other people. There are various methods that the businesses can use to facilitate the security of the system. The first method is the setting of passwords to secure their network. In this approach, only individuals with the network password will have access to the system locking other persons who do not have the passwords for the access. Secondly, businesses employ the use of encryption to facilitate the security of the systems (Rebecca, 2013). Encryption provides the ability to encoding data transmitted between the router and the computer. Moreover, the business uses virtual private networks which are important as they ensure the creation of safe mechanisms through which company data travels without alterations.

The following are some of the issues that network administrators are having with mobile devices

Slow network connection

High consumption of network data

Difficulty in connectivity with the network system

The issues that come with the BYOD involve the use of unprotected devices that might have viruses that damage the company network as well as the business data. Moreover, another problem that arises involves the use of personal tablets that have more applications which are promoting personal benefit (Lachlan, 2012). In this regard, employees will spend more time on the tablet than focusing on the business development. Thus, institutions can use mechanisms such as the development of rules and regulations that limit spending time on different sites and game applications during office hours. The device will enable employees to concentrate on their job duties.

Risk over benefit in securing mobile devices refers to the process where individuals identify the risk of not securing the mobile device and immediately work towards the security of the item. Thus, they understand that separate mobile device is risky and limits achievement of the benefits from the cell phone.

Companies set different policies to ensure that there is the protection of company data. For example, companies are promoting the use of security passwords and user names to protect areas that are having data, for instance, the computers. These passwords are only accessible to relevant company officials. Moreover, there is the use of a safe to ensure that valuable information is safely locked. The access of the safe is usually to the manager, and it has a maximum of three officials who access the secure. Lastly, to protect company data, institutions ensure that offices are under lock and key especially when they leave the room to attend to their duties. The method prevents entry of the chamber with other individuals who can tamper with the data and cause alterations.

Companies use software programs such as the Software as a Service program that redirects the user who has his or her personal tablet to a standard enrollment portal. In the enrollment portal, the user as well as the eligibility of the device will be determined to limit the use of malicious devices in the company. Thus, the software helps in the monitoring of the devices and the users activity with the personal devices.

The return on investment to the user of the particular device is that there will be an increase in efficiency and work speed since the individual uses a machine and a product that he or she has a vast knowledge about (David, 2003). Thus, there is time-saving on the company as it will not spend finances and time resources to educate the staff members on the use of the tablets and new office products. The saved time is thus used to spearhead the progressive and positive development of the company.

Companies use special methods such as ensuring the company members are eligible to the backing of their personal data as well as the enterprise data. Backing up prevents loss or alteration of the primary data. Moreover, special methods such as encouraging responsibility while using the personal product are used by companies to promote work morality.

America records close to 43 percent of the companies operating in the country to have cases of breached data. Moreover, narrowing to an individual company, the statistics range between 10- 15 percent of the business data to be breached. Thus, there is a still important measure that has to be taken to ensure the security of company data.


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