Effect of Media Networking on Social Interaction and Work - Research Paper Sample

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Date:  2021-06-16

The research paper has concentrated on the negative and positive impacts of media networking in social interactions and work setting. The positive implications of the media in social interaction include; friendship formation, sharing of information and ideas, and self-expression to the public. The adverse effects would be cyber-bullies, exposure to the privacy matters, and false connection. The result of the media networking to the employees in the workplace settings also has useful and harmful effects to the company. The beneficial impacts are; conduction of management by the employers and forms job application interface through the respective website. It also assists the companies to relieve strains during break hours and conduction of training and presentation of memos in the organization. Adverse impacts of social media toward the organization are few but once they occur can result into a severe negative implication. Some of the discussed ones include infliction of serious injuries or death and reduced production rate or the overall output of the company.

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Keywords: Media networking, social interaction, work, workplace.


The use of media networking has prominently spread around the globe. It has significantly impacted different sectors. Currently, the media networking enables communication over long distances, advertisement, conferencing, socialization, and others which have influenced the daily life of every individual. However, the media networking has both the negative and positive impacts on the socialization and conduction of activities between the individuals as well as organizations. For instance, Facebook, Twitter are some of the social media that can connect anyone in an easy way and share various ideas through interaction. It has prospected that, failure of control on the use of social media might do more harmful than its usefulness. The daily conduction of work and social interaction are the main field succeeded by the media networking. The effects are as discussed below.

Effect on Social Interaction

The main aim of media networking was to ensure an efficient communication between each other. However, the use of media networking has been diverse besides communication. The diversity also varies negatively and positively. The valuable outcomes can include; acquire friendship, individual expression, and sharing of ideas. Negative impacts can include; cyber bullying, false connection, as well as exposure of privacy.

Positive Impacts

There is an increase of friendship capacity. Media networks have enabled individuals to get in touch with the use of communication gadgets (Karadkar, para. 3). Races of people can connect over long distances to interact and share information and matters affecting them (Ahmed, para.3). Through the newly acquired friendship, there is a corresponding increase in bond and a feeling of togetherness despite the long distance apart.

Creates a way of self-expression and share everyday matters. Media networks especially Facebook and Twitter has created an interface through which one can share an idea and information regarding sensitive issues such as politics and national economy (McGillivray, para. 4). Through that, one can access reasons and reach an agreement on the issues affecting a large number of people.

The media networking creates a way of self-presentation. Facebook and Twitter create the profiles through which one can establish him or herself (Herlle & Caneda, pg. 67). These profiles can be in the form of photographs that can lead to public recognition. There exist many reasons of self-representation in social media. The main reason is to be recognized publicly or to electronic representation for creation of databases in an organization.

Negative Impacts

Cyber-bullying is one of the significant negative repercussions. Besides friendship, media networking can also be used to create enmity. The perpetrators have advanced the utilization of the social networks to propagate intimidation and psychological bullies (Jung, para.3). The intimidations can be on political bases or tribalism. It is an evident youth are the primary users of the networks, hence, prone to threat (Ahmed, para.1). Typically the bullies have resulted in psychological torture and creation of stress among the victims that has contributed to suicidal cases.

Create contradiction or dilemma between genuine and false connections. The media networks have widely been used by the hackers to obtain someone's critical information for the purpose of self-gain or theft (Ahmed, para 1). It would also be hard for one to distinguish a true friendship and a false relationship by using the media networks without a physical intervention (Jung, para2). Therefore, it would be hard for one to trust creation of meaningful relationship and friendship.

The social media is also a medium through which one can expose privacy. The social network forms an interface through which one can post private information (Jung, para.4). They can include; physical look, living styles and standards, and also exposes habits and characteristics (Karadkar, para 8). Although there can be the restriction of access to personal privacy, it would still be hard to prevent or control the postings. Furthermore, the controlled access would be prone to leakage to the other social media users. That can destroy ones personal image publicly or create fame.

The Effects of Work

Over the years, the media networks have had the positive results on the relationship between the employers and employees. Adaptation to use of different social networks has also greatly influenced the way workers to behave in the workplace. It has been evident the use of technological devices such as computers in the workplaces affects the overall outcome of a given company. The positive effects on work would include; help employers monitor the behavior of employees, online job applications, reduce employees tensions and strains after work sessions, and conduction of training and workshops. The negative impacts are accident occurrence and reduced productivity.

Positive Effects

Employers can monitor the worker behavior and their performance. By use of the social networks, employees can be able to do surveillance on how workers perform their respective duties. It is a standard issue in a workplace for an employee to overlook the job and switch to social media during work hour without notice. However; the employer can create a network which can assist in accessing each employee's commitment to the work. The behavior and individual performance for the sake of job promotion and demotion can be easily analyzed through the media system (Herlle & Caneda, pg. 69). The media can also be able to monitor the punctuality and presence. In fact, that shows the management of the working by the employees is made easy and efficient with the use of media.

The media pave the way for job application. Most of the job descriptions happen in various company websites through which new job applicants can access. Computers ease the submission of the application letters and curriculum vitae through emails and other sites from where the interviewers can access. That consequently leads to the safety of time and money in case the application venue is quite a long distance away at that particular time (Herlle & Caneda, pg.70). Therefore, job seekers do have an open opportunity to apply for a job while in their localities.

The use of social media can be positively used to release work strains and stress. For the efficient performance of the workers, there is a need to have little breaks to rest. It is during these durations that the employees can be able to access the social media to connect with friends and family members. That would result in a substantial rest and release of work strains, consequently increasing the efficiency of workers during working hours (Blueclaw para. 4). It would also result in a notable increase in productivity of employees.

The conduction of training and workshops by some organizations. The update and review of the operational procedures and policies happen through the website in some companies. The distribution of the information can be done through computers to save the time of printouts. Failure to comprehend and re-visit of procedures and policies, access is easy by the workers even when out of the workplace. That may increase the productivity of an organization.

Negative Impacts

The accident occurrence in the workplace. Mobile phone gadgets are the main contributory factors that may cause accidents in a place of work (McGillivray para.7). Employees working in proximity of running machine systems are likely to be interrupted by visiting social media through the phones. Such distraction can lead to being trapped between the running machine parts that may inflict injuries or death. Therefore, it results in loss of life or time costs.

Reduction of productivity by the workers. Most of the organizations use computers as their working gadgets. Therefore, it is most likely workers to access the social media such as Facebook and Twitter during the work hours (Jung, para 3). It would attract a low output per worker, hence, the total low productivity of a company.


It, therefore, indicates the media networking has useful and harmful contribution toward the work and social interactions. The diversified use of the media networks has rendered it into inappropriate use. Otherwise, there has been benefits of its use in the same social and work sectors. The difference in utilization has resulted from the freedom of use by anybody, hence, various usage and results. That is evident in social interactions through social networking. On the other hand, there exist controlled conditions in the working sector regarding the usage of the social networks during the working hours. Otherwise, it can result in a significant failure toward the organization's objectives. Despite freedom to use the social media networks, there is also a need for self- control and proper conduct toward its use. That can ensure safety, theft, bullies, and inappropriate self-presentation to the public.

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