University Attending: My Reasons and Advantages - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-14


Every student has a reason behind attending university. The common notion regarding higher studies is that a college graduate can earn more money than them who did not attend College. Depending on the individual, their interests can either make them feel motivated to be in school or lack motivation for their stay in College. The unique factors, including autonomy and competence, social connections, increased personal status, and my open-minded outlook makes me advantaged as a college student.

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Firstly, I have the desire for autonomy and competence that ensures I am persistent in my education in College. Within the College, I have met people of similar socioeconomic backgrounds as well as basic preparation. I can associate this to the self-determination theory in that the reason why I seek college education is based on my intentions to succeed later in life. I am from a middle-class family, and the fact that I am surrounded by wealthier and low-income students does not affect my desire for education. I am motivated by the fact that I can improve my financial situation through College.

Secondly, I have unique intrinsic interests in a college education. I have made multiple social connections within the College, which I believe is a reason I am retained within the school. I am always yearning to learn new knowledge even though could not be rewarding at that point and time. I always look for fun in learning and get involved in tasks that engage me. I also focus more on value, and the purpose of the knowledge presented. Sometimes I challenge myself by setting clearly defined goals that are centered on mastering skills. I have always known that if I spent my life outside College, I would miss out even on the most basic pleasures in life. I am, therefore, salient on educational matters because I am intrinsically motivated.

Thirdly, I am encouraged by an increased personal status that also increases with my ability to seek more information. On the same perception, I am encouraged by the personal and professional mobility that is associated with college life. This has made me personally satisfied and realizes individual accomplishments. The decisions I made by myself in the institution regarding personal mobility lead to changes in my personal life. As noted by Shire, "no one chooses refugee camps or strip searches where your body is left aching or prison" (lines 35-38). The ability to achieve the set objectives is not the easiest task as I am always surrounded by my family, career, and lifestyle. Some choices I tend to make have to involve trade-offs implicitly making my objectives to be at conflict. However, my ability to adapt to such situations and interact with the schooling environment lets me satisfy my needs.

Finally, I have had a more open-minded outlook in regards to my college education. Any school would consist of diverse students who offer different opportunities, perceptions, and beliefs. I am open-minded in that I embrace new possibilities, suggestions, and interests coming my way. I am neither prejudiced nor stubborn within the school, making me to lesser complicate my life within campus. This keeps me retained and seems fun to practice. Every bit of comprehension, interpretation, and information associated with my routine interactions can be changed easily depending on the individual presenting it and that particular environment. The power of open-mindedness creates the advantage of accepting new ideas.

The benefits of autonomy and competence, social connections, increased personal status, and my open-minded outlook is the common reasons I am motivated and retained within the College. Life within College depends on how one perceives their interests and the goals they have set for themselves. Those who have created their own inner motivation can resist the lack of drive that could otherwise let them be retained.

Works Cited

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