Reasons and Objectives for Transferring To Brandeis University - Admission Essay

Paper Type:  Admission essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  565 Words
Date:  2022-11-30


Any goal that lacks a plan is undeniably a wish, and I do not want to consider myself a wishful thinker but rather an individual of a practical approach. Therefore, when I started my university education at (insert the name), the college was the appropriate institution for me. Indeed, the university offered numerous opportunities such as participation in extracurricular activities, as well as, interacting with friends. My first year in the university was full of discoveries because I had to select the most appropriate course, seek advice from professors and course specialists, and form social networks with friends. These experiences enabled me to understand my academic abilities and social life. They have been fulfilling as well. However, after self-examination and retrospection, I feel that I should transfer to Brandeis University because the institution has better economic programs that will enable me to pursue my objective of earning Master's degree in economics and become a competent economist.

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After returning to the college for my sophomore year, I have discovered that the institution does not offer a specific major program I want to pursue. I am majoring in economics, but the program at the university is almost theoretical. When I visited Brandeis University, I was fascinated by the range of economic programs it offers, and I love the institution's economic programs. Mostly, the intuition's broad approach to the program with an emphasis on understanding the modern and past economic theories and aspects dramatically appeals to me. By transferring to Brandeis University, I hope to expand and deepen my knowledge in economics, take part in more field works, volunteer at finance institutions and eventually pursue a Masters of Economics.

My reasons for transferring to Brandeis University are both academic and non-academic. I have interacted and formed good networks at my former university. Further, I have studied with some of the best professors across the globe. Nonetheless, I have primary academic and non-academic reasons that push me to join Brandeis University. Initially, I applied and joined (insert name) university since it was comfortable as it is located near our home, thus making me feel comfortable and familiar with the institution. However, I now want to push myself to experience learning institutions that are entirely unfamiliar to me. Offering a wide selection of economic programs, Brandeis University is a learning institution where I can achieve all my varied interests in a fulfilling manner. As a person with a vested interest in the economic issues of the world and US in particular, I am most impressed with the economic programs offered at Brandeis University.

Further, the excellent facilities, respected lecturers, as well as, an essential mission of the university creates a favourable environment where I can immerse myself in my preferred course of study. It is an academic institution that facilitates my passions for economic issues that different countries across the world experience. More importantly, Brandeis University is one of the premier learning institutions in the US for the study of economics, an asset that in itself makes the institution exceptional and attractive to students including myself.


As shown in my transcripts, I have performed exemplary at (insert name), and I firmly believe that I can fulfil the academic challenges of Brandeis University. I am optimistic that I would grow in all dimensions at Brandeis University and your numerous economic programs perfectly match my professional goals and academic interests.

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