Importance of the Global Women's Leadership Scholarship Programme

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Date:  2022-02-17

Leadership has been associated with men for so long. Compared to men, there are very few women who are in leadership positions. It is especially difficult for a woman in the ethnic minority group to ascend into leadership positions due to discrimination among other challenges. I have been aspiring to lead at a high level since I was very young. Any opportunity that can help me get closer to the leadership I want is always a plus to me. Therefore, Global Women's Leadership scholarship would be an excellent opportunity for me. I will learn leadership skills that can help me attain my objectives. At the institution, I will have the chance to interact and learn from the best women leaders in the world. It will be a motivation to propel me towards my ambitions.

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I believe the facts that I have been successful in many ways despite the challenges that are associated with being a minority are indicators of my zeal and my drive towards wanting to become the best. It is an indication that I can achieve even in the most unfriendly environment. This is the motivation I believe distinguishes me from the other candidates. I want to prove that despite the challenges and the background one can become whatever they wish to be.

How to Increase Number of Women in Business Leadership?

The number of women leaders in the business environment has been significantly low as compared to the number of men. To ensure that women representation is increased, they have been efforts from different quarters. Some things can be done to overturn the current situation. First, women should be mentored into leadership. Having supportive mentors can encourage women to go for the leadership position. Women have excellent leadership skills. However, they have often doubted their abilities probably due to stereotypes. This is an issue that has held them back from attaining leadership positions. Through supportive mentoring, they will be able to overcome these stereotypes and believe in their skills. Global Women's Leadership scholarship could be one of the opportunities for women to get supportive leadership. Having a mentor to encourage women to focus on their success would be of great benefit to them.

Also, work-life balance has been a challenge to women who want to become business leaders. They are supposed to balance between their home chores and leadership which becomes a significant challenge. This could be addressed by planning flexible work options for women. Although men and women might share the household duties equally, women have always carried more responsibility. It is especially so for women who have children to look after. However, if they can be offered a work program that is flexible, they would have the opportunity to ascend into leadership positions and this will increases their representation in the business environment.

I have been making efforts to address this issue. In my capacity, I have been trying to mentor young ladies who want to become leaders. Having been successful in many different ways, I have the knowledge and a reference point to help me mentor other women. I have been coaching college ladies, offering mentorship programs so that they can start embracing leadership from a young age.

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